Favazza’s On The Hill – St. Louis, MO

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On Monday we went to Anheuser Busch for a bit and then decided we were ready for lunch.  One of the guys at AH gave us maps for restaurants in the area.  The Hill is known as the Italian neighborhood where there are a lot of great Italian restaurants.  Italian, I’m sold! So we headed for the hill.  The map we were given included many restaurants, so I just chose one and plugged it into the GPS and that’s where we went.  The restaurant I chose was Favazza’s.

We went around the block and found parking on the side.  As we were walking to the building I found graffiti. We were told you wouldn’t see much of that in the city. And seriously, those guys who do that are really talented.  They need to put their talents to good use!


I noticed you could cater a meal if needed.  They also had a room you could reserve if needed.

They start you off with bread and butter.


We started with an appetizer of fried provolone with marinara sauce. Holy yum! I’ve never had fried provolone and was extremely impressed.


Then we got a salad with house dressing. I even liked the provolone on the salad.

The special was Chicken Parmesan with your choice of side.  Hubby and I both went with that, the only difference, I got pasta with white sauce, he got red sauce.  I usually prefer the Alfredo sauce anyway but I really liked it better on the pasta.  The Chicken was good!


No wonder I gained weight on this trip… All this good food!

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