Dos Arcos – Carthage, MO

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Boy, it has been one heck of a weekend at my house!  First off I came down with a cold.  Then Friday night when we got home after picking my {step}daughter up, it was extremely hot in our house.  Not a good sign.  Yes, if you guessed our AC was out, you would be correct.  So we packed up and went and stayed at my parents.  Our AC is still out, but our house was cool this morning.  My car read 66 degrees on the way to work…  Oh, and there is now a light on in my car.  Not cool!
So enough complaining, let’s talk about food 🙂 in the form of:

Dos Arcos.

If you hadn’t guessed by the name, this is a Mexican Food restaurant.  And boy is it good!

You start out with Chips and Salsa.  Then you can order Cheese Dip or Guacamole if you’d like.  Yum!

But don’t fill up on chips and salsa when you have these spectacular entrees!  Note: These weren’t all ordered on the same day…. just sayin :).

Chimichanga de Cameron (or Chimicanga with Shrimp)


Speedy Gonzales – Beef Taco & Cheese Enchilada with Cheese sauce & Rice.

Pollo Loco with Rice (no beans.  I don’t like beans…)

Enchiladas Mexicanas – 3 enchiladas 1 chicken, 1 beef, 1 cheese served with rice and beans

I recommended this place to a friend.  Her only complaint was she wanted a Margarita and they don’t serve alcohol.  Otherwise, This place is awesome, just saying 🙂

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 **These opinions are all my own.  They don’t know me.  Plus all pictures are mine taken with my iPhone or big camera unless otherwise stated**

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