The Weekend that Was

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This weekend was a whirlwind of a weekend! Saturday morning we woke up bright and early… no joke!… and headed to my aunts house. AC had the weekend off and wanted to see Abug and it worked with our schedule also so away we went.

Mom originally thought we’d stop in OKC for lunch but we got there at 11am and we thought, AC’s is just about an hour or so past OKC, let’s just head on. So I sent AC a message and asked her if she’d like to meet us for lunch. She said she and UB would meet us at Interurban. They said we were going somewhere else for dinner so we didn’t want to eat a big lunch.

My suggestion was make sure Abug could find something to eat, she’s not crazy about salad :)… (Salad was the suggestion for us for lunch). So she got Mac and Cheese. It was pretty good. The cookie was good too.

The rest of us got salads. I got a Chicken Club Salad with Ranch Dressing. Yum! Chicken, cheese, bacon, lettuce, Ranch dressing, what more could you ask for?

Then we headed on to shop because AC said Abug needed a trip present. Hubby asked how we were doing and this is the picture I sent him.

Then we headed on to AC’s house. UB left AC with us at lunch because he was working on burning brush piles. This was the first day they weren’t on a burn ban so they took advantage.

Abug was tired of sitting since she was stuck sitting 5ish hours to AC and UB’s so once we were at their house we went walking. We walked up to the barn and checked out the horses and the kitty’s and more horses and the barns, and whatever we could find ourselves getting in to. Finally we walked back to the house and AC was on the gator getting ready to go find us. She asked if we wanted to go for a ride so we hopped on and away we went. We got a good distance from the house and I thought I heard something but wasn’t sure. Then Abug dropped her sunglasses, so we stopped to pick them up and heard it… Flat tire or should I say deflating tire. Ugh! So we high tailed it back to the house. By this time UB and Trevor (guy that works for them) got back from town and UB aired up the tire. Then told us to go drive around and move the green goo stuff in the tire. So then we decided to go back on our trail and try to find the baby calves. UB and Trevor jumped on the Viking which AC said ran faster than the gator so we went through a different field to try and beat them. We finally caught up to them and we heard the air gushing again… flat tire. So we high tailed it back to the house and then UB took us around on the Viking. That’s when we saw the beautiful sunset! I love Oklahoma Sunsets!

Later that night we decided to just stay home and eat pizza.

Sunday morning we woke up and AC made this AWESOME breakfast enchilada casserole!

Then later that morning we headed home. We got to Tulsa around just after lunch time and mom suggested Cheesecake Factory. So that’s where we headed.

and this bread…. oh this bread!

Mom got the Chinese Salad. Abug ate all her mandarine oranges.

I went with the Bellagio Chicken. Yum! This is friggin awesome!

Then we had cheesecake because we were at the Cheesecake Factory. I got Red Velvet and mom got Mango something or other. Abug choose mom’s over mine!

Then we ran by the Disney store for Abug before heading on home to see Grandpa and daddy!

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