My Newest Addiction

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Do you remember back in November when I went on the Showboat Branson Belle?

Well, one of the options they served for dinner was coffee.  I am not (or should say wasn’t) a coffee drinker, but something told me to try it.  I absolutely love the smell, but the taste wasn’t my friend.  Anyway long story short, it was included in the meal, I got some just cause, hubby did too, and now, we’re coffee drinkers.

So this last week while I was living it up (also known as relaxing after a stressful semester) I got the chance to try……


Ok so a few years ago at Christmas time I had an Egg Nog Latte, but… now that I’m a “coffee drinker” I wanted to try Starbucks.

So we went up to order and weren’t really sure what we wanted.  The gal at the register said if we wanted a hot drink a Caramel Macchiato seemed to be the drink most people chose.  That’s what we got.

So that’s what my latest addiction is….. dun dun dun, none other than a Caramel Macchiato!


My only question, why couldn’t I find a cheaper addiction… LOL 🙂  Oh and why isn’t there a Starbucks in the town I live in… maybe that’s a good thing though, I might break the bank if there was… LOL

Happy Monday Friends!!

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  1. I used to not be a coffee drinker but I had to start drinking it with this deployment. I won't drink Starbucks though because it's too strong/bitter for my taste!

  2. I have never had a cup of coffee in my life. Like you, I do like the smell but find the taste quite displeasing.
    My husband has the CM from Starbucks every Sat. and Sun. morning. I think the price is silly so this is our compromise – weekends only. He likes them so much he starts thinking about it on Fridays 🙂 He also admits it's kind of like having dessert in the morning – of course I don't see a big problem with that one.
    It probably is best you don't have one close.

  3. If you love caramel — get the caramel brulee latte!! It's popular at Christmas-time but they make it year round. SO SO good!!

  4. I retired from a chain bookstore that has Starbucks. So I get a discount. The 16 yo granddaughter has “found” Starbucks, but doesn't have it much because we don't have one in our town and the price eats up the allowance pretty quick. But when she's with me, she gets it with my discount and my money! Her friends are envious.

  5. I just became a coffee drinker myself. Always loved the smell 🙂 Haven't had a Starbucks coffee just yet though.

  6. I am not a fan of StarBUCK$. I mean if you put a bunch of syrup in any coffee it will taste just fine. I actually prefer 7-11 coffee! Although I usually just make my own at home. You should invest in a Keurig. I have a feeling that it would make your life!

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