Quilting Lessons

Earlier this year a friend of mine shared a quilting website where the lady gives quilt patterns every Wednesday. Abug and I have been working our way through all the patterns. Tbug, being on spring break got to spend one extra day with us and I thought it would be fun to have her making a quilt top also.

So Abug has been “helping” me work on hers. We go down to grandma’s one day a week and work on a couple patterns at a time. When we showed up to grandma’s, I thought it would be fun for Tbug to work with her great-grandma also, but grandma wasn’t there. She was at voting school (she runs the local polls). We went ahead and went up to grandma’s sewing room and I had Tbug working on the first 2 patterns. I’d already done them so I knew they should be fairly easy for me to teach her.

She told me she didn’t know how to sew. While I can’t sew a button on a shirt or fix a pocket in a pair of pants, I have made 2 quilts and a few blankets so I can sew with a machine. She did the first 2 patterns and then got tired of it I guess. I think it’ll take a while, but she’ll get to make her own quilt and hopefully spend some time with her great grandma in the process.

And… the cool thing… She did an excellent job! And I’m the only one who walked away with an accident. Abug accidentally cut me with a pair of scissors…. Another story for another day, I guess….

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