Telling the Families

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Telling Hubby:
Well, we learned that I the way I told hubby wasn’t the most creative… remember I walked into the living room, and said, look at this with the pregnancy test in my hand.  Yup, that was it.  His reaction was much better.  He had a plate on his lap and one in his hand.  He threw one on the coffee table in front of him and threw the other on the seat next to him, jumped up and wrapped his arms around me.

Telling Tbug:
I was scared to death to tell Tbug.  I was afraid that she would hate me.  So I chickened out and went to take a shower and left hubby to tell her.  I know, bad momma.  Hubby said, “I have a big secret to tell you but you can’t tell anyone.” He made her promise that she wouldn’t tell anyone and then he asked if she wanted to know what it was.  Her answer was yes.  Hubby told her that she was going to have a new brother or sister.  Her response was, “Really?!?!  That’s awesome.”  Then she stated she’d like to have a brother.  Hubby promised her that she wouldn’t have to babysit this kid all the time while she was here, but she said she’d like to help any way she could except she “doesn’t do diapers.”  When I got out of the shower Tbug hugged me.

Telling my parents:
We had plans to go to Kansas City the weekend following hubby and me finding out we were expecting.  Other than it was only 4 weeks in, we decided it was best to go ahead and tell parents.  We planned to tell them that night at dinner.  We ate at Buca di Beppo on the Plaza and usually when you first enter, the waiter asks if you’re celebrating anything special.  Mom said no and hubby was like, well they just don’t know anything yet.  The waiter asked if it was someone’s birthday and hubby said it has to do with a birthday.  The waiter got the deer in the headlights look when my mom shouted, “Are you pregnant?!?!”  The waiter said, “Um… I’ll come back in a few.”  Hubby and I looked at each other and I swear I had a guilty look on my face.  My mom started to tear up and my dad started laughing.  Then dad threatened to smack hubby (it’s their relationship).  Then when the waiter returned, mom said, “I’m going to be a grandma.”  To which Tbug replied, “What?! What about me?”  Mom looked at her with the deer in the headlights look and was like… OMG, I wasn’t meaning to forget about you.

Telling my MIL:
My MIL found out the Monday after Tbug and my parents found out.  I called my MIL Monday evening to ask if she was at work which she wasn’t.  I asked her if she’d be like to come over for dinner and she said, sure.  We had the phone on speaker so hubby yelled, can you be here in about 20 minutes?  She said yes.  When she arrived we started chatting about nothing really.  Then I made the comment, I hope you don’t mind eating dinner with your daughter and nephew (yes, I said that).  Hubby caught me and corrected me and then slipped in, “Baby bug.”  Memaw didn’t catch that he said that or else she didn’t say anything about it.  I commented that Liss was coming over and we thought about asking her to stop and get her and Dill Pickle on the way.  Memaw said well why didn’t you?  I said, well, we have something to talk to you about before they get here.  She said ok, what?  Hubby blurted out, “Coley’s going to have a baby.”  Memaw smiled and looked at me and asked if it was okay to cry now.  Then she jumped up and gave me a huge hug.

We were still keeping it on the DL at this point and my FIL still hadn’t been informed so we didn’t tell Liss at this point.  Sorry, Liss!

Telling my FIL:
So Wednesday night we invited my FIL over for dinner to tell him.  When he came in, hubby and I were both in the kitchen.  I had just finished the prep work on dinner and then we fired up the burner for the oil.  My FIL came in and updated us on all the happenings in his life.  Then eventually hubby told him that we wouldn’t be able to host the 4th of July party next year.  He looked at us inquisitively and said, “ok?!”  Hubby said, “Well, we have a baby due on the 26th of June which is 2 days before the 4th of July part.  Probably won’t be around for that.”  My FIL was like, oh come on now, you don’t want to host that?  I kind of rolled my eyes at that comment with a grin on my face.  Finally, he hugged me and started crying so hubby was teasing him that at least Memaw asked if she could cry.  Then he congratulated hubby too.

One other that is an honorable mention:
Telling Earl:
Remember back in February when we had our fun dinner conversation?  Well, she said she’d give up alcohol with me (Like I’m such a drinker but still).  So I showed up at her work with a yellow bag.  There was a bottle of A&W Root Beer and a Sippy Cup.

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