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So I did better this month with the daily photo challenge, but I still missed one.  Whatever.  Actually, I just didn’t take the photo.  Now… a couple of them were taken a couple days out of order, hey, life happens sometimes.  :).

Here is this month’s list of words.

  1. Self Portrait – Kind of self explanatory, don’tcha ya think?
  2. Busy – Typing away….
  3. Best part of my day – Don’t you think quality husband time qualifies there?!?!
  4. Fun – on the 4th!  
  5. On the floor – I was at my parents house… here is the view of their floor.
  6. Chair – I got my photos out of order btw, but this is where my butt sits for 8 hrs 5 days/week.
  7. Garden – Ok so I didn’t see a garden, but lettuce comes out of a garden.
  8. Lunch – with parents at Maria’s
  9. Big – Big Brutus – ‘Nuff Said!

10. Your {my}favorite color – can you guess??
11. Letter – Ok so this is a bit of a stretch, whatever
12. Texture – I think you get that with this pizza!
13. Open – just before starting a load of wash.
14. Building – At a friends for their 4th Party.
15. Finger – Or thumb… it works…
16. Sign – Hangs above my computer monitor…
17. My Addiction – Definitely photography right now.
18. Plate – I kind of forgot so you get my empty dirty plate… sorry.

19. Animal/Insect/Pet – Marlie 🙂
20. Eyes – or eye… whichever.  btw, look at his pretty eyelashes!
21. 9 o’clock – We were at the Farm show.
22. Upside Down – Muddy thought he’d get a belly rub.
23. Mirror – My parents needed me to do chores, but I forgot clothes so I used my dads :).
24. a Stranger – Hubby said to take a photo of him and say “Stranger than me”… I didn’t do it.
25. Heart – see it?  Our rings are even in it 🙂
26. Sunshine – Don’t let the picture fool you, it was 95 as a high via weather.com
27. On the road – No I wasn’t paying attn to the picture I was taking… I was watching the road!

28. Cup – Chocolate Milkshake, YUM!
29. Last thing I bought – technically my mommy bought it for me, but it’s the dress, the belt & the shoes.
30. Calm – This was my birthday and this was my calm.  Snuggling up to hubby before bed.
31. Toothbrush – doing what it does best 🙂

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  1. Awesome job!! I always love seeing other people's takes on the themes for example I don't think I would have ever thought to take a picture of someone (or yourself) brushing teeth- just thought of the toothbrush.

    Thanks so much for linking up.

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