Finally got my date, 14 Years Late

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Anyone who is friends with me on facebook may or may not have seen this post on Saturday night.  As you can see Lourie/CA Girl wants an explanation :).

Back when hubby & I were dating I found an old notebook from high school.  Most of the notes were between my friend T and me, however there were a couple between M & S and me as well.

April 16, 1999
T: Did he ask u out?
Me: Ask me out how?
T: Girlfriend?
Me: No
T: Date?
Me: Well kind of in a way
T: How?  & Where?
Me: He asked if I’d go to the movies

She had me freaked out.  Later in that note:

Me: Before he told me that, he said he was going to the drive in either tonight or tomorrow night.  Then after we got through that (I’m sure my face was as red as my Tommy Shirt) he asked me.
T: His car is really big inside so that would be interesting.  Would be something to think about!
Me: He isn’t that way and he never said movie/me/drive-in.  He just said movie
T: & you said what?  Or did you change the subject?
Me: I told you, I said maybe?  Then I said when?
T: & he said what…?
Me: email me your digits.  Then he said he’d call
T: That what he said “Your digits” & did he call?
Me: Yes and no because I didn’t email them til about 7 last night
T: So if he calls you tonight, call me!

And he never called.

April 21, 1999 there was a note between him & me where he asked me out on a date.  Or more or less asked if we should hook up.  I was scared to ask my parents because my dad had always said I couldn’t go on a date until I was 16.  I was 3 months away from 16.

I would like to speculate what would have happened had I had the nerve to ask my parents, but truthfully, we never know what would have happened one way or the other.  We could have gone on a date and wound up not liking each other.  We could have gone our separate ways and met back up 10 years later.  Or we could have fallen madly in love and been a high school romance turned marriage romance.  No one knows.

Yes, I tease him but truthfully, we both had to make our mark in the world.  His is on a wall in Afghanistan.  Mine was on a beach in the Pacific ocean down around the equator.  That’s what we had to do…

But… I’m please to announce, that 14 years after he asked me out to the drive in…

He made good on his promise to take me!  14 years later I got my date to the drive in.  And, I shouldn’t have been worried, we watched the movie… LOL :).

Both were excellent movies.  Although after the Colorado happenings I was a bit on edge when The Dark Knight Rises started.

Don’t worry, we had chaperones too 🙂

You may not realize this but we both have on sweatshirts!  I LOVE Hoodies and after this hot summer I’m so ready for fall!  And truthfully I LOVE summer!

By the end of the movie we had blankets on too!

Poor Tbug fell asleep during the second movie.  Boy I wish I had a photo of how she was sleeping in her chair, but this was pretty great too!  On the way home she had her head in my lap on blankets as a pillow with the green blanket over her head.

So as Paul Harvey used to say, Now you know, the rest of the story.

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  1. Well, the drive in days around here are all gone, we have none left,but when I was young I went to a few , and not with someone as chivalrous and sweet as your PC either, but you know? I watched the movie too

  2. Thanks for the shout out! I am so happy to be back(or trying to be) This is quite the story. hahaha. I haven't been to the drive in for many moons! It's an adventure really! I am glad I didn't miss the story. 🙂

  3. Awww! So sweet that you guys finally made it on your date, even if it was 14 years in the making… 🙂 I have “go to a drive-in” on my 101 List, I need to find a boy to take me!! LOL!!

  4. That's pretty awesome that you put on sweatshirts and blankets because it was 70 degrees. Last week it was in the 90s here. But this week our high is supposed to be 70.

  5. Glad nothing to risky happened since you had chaperones with you. 😉 I used to love listening to Paul Harvey!

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