The Saturday Post {10}

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The Top 5 Posts of the Week
1.  Pioneer Woman’s Sour Cream Noodle Bake

2.  St. Louis Bound

3.  TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant – St. Louis, MO

4.  Stuffed Jalapeno {with cream cheese, bacon & cheddar} Stuffed Chicken Breast
5.  The Old Spaghetti Factory – St. Louis, MO

This Weeks Posts

Kickoff to Fall Classic Giveaway
TIGÍN Irish Pub & Restaurant – St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Bound
Woody’s Wood Fire Bar & Oven {Pizza} – Joplin, MO
The Old Spaghetti Factory – St. Louis, MO
St. Louis – Part 1
Caleco’s Bar & Grill – St. Louis, MO

Blast from the Past
2012 – Springfield Family Restaurant – Springfield, MO
2011 – Do the Brokey Pokey
2010 – Bras, Panties & Lacy… Oh My

Recipes made from the Blog this week
Nothing to report here 🙁

Instagram Lately

Week’s Happenings
++We got a cat
++I rode Snookums for the first time
++I was the first one on Snookums ever
++Had dinner with my aunt who lives in OK and one of her friends
++Shopping with said Aunt & Friend
++I started reading A Beautiful Mess Photography book
++The lawnmower battery was down, between that and thick grass I killed it twice and had to push it back to the garage to put on the charger
++Marlie came home from my parents with Sore Mouth, poor puppy!
++DON’T FORGET about the Classic Fall Giveaway!!

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