Monday Blog Post Round Up

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Has anyone else’s day been totally thrown off by this whole Daylights Savings Time going into effect over the weekend? I can’t explain it! I woke up this morning at 8 (what would be 7 on standard time) totally dazed and confused realizing that I had to get baby girl up and get her to eating breakfast or I’d really throw her day off as well! oy! I’ve never had one of these throw me off so bad that I can remember I guess. I mean yeah, every year I grumble I have to get up because I’m not a morning person anyway but dang! Here it is 4pm and I’m still tired!

So today I want to do something a little different… I’ve been getting caught up on reading blog posts because, dang, being sick for what feels like a week will really throw your game off! So today I want to share with you some awesome blog posts I read because, well I feel like sharing because sharing is caring!

  • Kenzie wrote a Post, 1989 Inspired “Ask Me Anything” Tag that I really wanted to steal, however I don’t really care for Taylor Swift (please don’t stone me!) but either way it was a really cute post! I may still steal it….
  • There’s these Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Bites and this Snickers Cheesecake Recipe… need I say more?
  • I’m pretty upset to find out I missed National Oreo Cookie Day! Carissa, you need to let me know in advance next time 😉
  • Sherry has a new baby! Woot woot, congratulations guys!!! I’m sooooo happy for you!
  • Here’s a great post on breaking Scuba Diving Myths!
  • And I just love a good love story, thanks Lindsay for providing me with that today!
  • And finally I absolutely LOVE going to Hawaii… since I can’t hop on a plane over there, I love that Katie takes me there whenever I need my Hawaii fix!

Now I’m going to go off and cry that it’s Monday and I have a night class and I’m tired and I need to pee (sorry tmi?).

Happy Monday!

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