Megan’s Trip – Biloxi, MS – Guest Post

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While I’m here living it up… or something like that, I asked my good bloggy friend Megan to share a post with you.  Have you met Megan?  She blogs over at Mackey Madness about life, being a nurse, her husband etc.  She’s super cute.  Check out what she has to say about a lovely vacation she took with some of her friends pre-wedding and then go check her out too! Take it away Megan!


Hi there friends! I’m Megan and I blog over at Mackey Madness.

That’s my husband and I. Isn’t he a cutie?!
With Nicole headed off on vacation soon, I wanted to share a little trip from the last time I went to the beach. In SEPTEMBER 2010. Well, we actually went to Jamaica last year, and they have a beach, but let’s pretend that didn’t happen right now. : ) Right before our wedding, my four best friends and I took a little bachelorette beach trip to Biloxi, MS. It’s not a huge beach town and it’s certainly not as pretty as the Florida beaches, but it’s close to where we live and it’s considerably cheaper. And hey, that works for us!

We rented out a little beach house on this long, winding road that was covered in trees and the perfect place to get murdered. There were several beach houses along the street, but they were spaced pretty far apart so it really did feel like we were out there on our own. We were directly across from the beach and we had it ALL to ourselves. It was really nice to have it so deserted and to not have a ton of other people around.
Our cute little beach house.
The view from the porch.
We spent our days out in the sun and our nights inside cooking pizza, watching tv, having balloon races, doing girly stuff, talking about my upcoming wedding and just overall enjoying spending time together. This little trip of ours is one of my favorite pre-wedding memories and I am so grateful for the friendships of all these girls.
And now I’m thinking that I really need another beach trip SOON! There’s just something about crazy beach hair, no makeup, waves and sunshine that does the soul good. : )


Doesn’t that look like fun?  Now I think I’m jealous I’m not at the beach right now!  Dang, why do I have to live in the middle of the US and so far away from any beach!  Not going to think about that though, nope, I’m going to enjoy the vacation I’m  having! :).  Anyway thank you so very much Megan and be sure to check out her blog Mackey Madness!

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