Shoot Away – Guest Post

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Have you met my friend EmmyMom?  She’s a photographer, a mom and a truly great person.  I love looking at her photos on her blog and reading her stories.  She has a weekly mem about Proud Mommy Moments.  When I was looking for guest bloggers, I knew she was one I wanted and I wanted a post about photos.  Like I said, she’s a photographer and she takes great photos.  What can I say :).  Ok EmmyMom, take it away!

I am a blogger and a photographer so I have this really bad habit- I document everything.

From the food I eat

To the laundry I despise

To the tantrums

To those truly happy moments.

I am a photographer so I sometimes find myself feeling like I can only publish those perfect pictures- the ones with the right composition, the perfect lighting.  Even trashing or hiding the ones that don’t seem just right.  But then what do I miss?

Am I so busy waiting for the perfect shot that I miss all of the imperfect beauty around me?

Am I so busy waiting for that perfect moment, the next stage, the next milestone to shoot that I miss the little everyday things?

Or do I document it all- the good, the bad and the ugly because that is real.

I am done missing out because I am always waiting- waiting for that perfect shot, that perfect or next moment.

I can always wait or I can just shoot. Personally I like shooting best.

Me with my kids- trying to enjoy the ride of life as we make it through it

So I don’t know about you but this so makes me want to go snap away.  Oh wait I do!  I get made fun of for all the photos I take, but I like pictures, I’m a blogger, and I don’t care!  Trisha Yearwood has a show on Food Network now and her Uncle Wilson was on a few weeks ago.  He said it best when he said, photos aren’t for today, they are for tomorrow. {I had to paraphrase because I don’t know his exact words since I’m not where I can hear his words!}  So thank you EmmyMom for inspiring us to shoot away no matter if it is the good, the bad or the ugly, it’s all fabulous!  Remember to check out EmmyMom!

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