It’s Still True

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I’m sitting here listening to my husband snore at 6something in the morning. Now… 1) this isn’t an unusual occurrence. 2) If you really knew me, you know I’d be kicking him and telling him to quit snoring. 3) I’m not doing 2 which is odd.

The other day this hit my timehop app. I giggled when I read it, then decided I needed to post it again and share it once more.

I commented, Still True so I hear…

But that’s just the thing. I posted that a year ago when my husband was on a trip to Branson for work. Every year they take off for work for a couple days to have some big conference. And during those couple days, I am “single” again. Now here’s a weird thing about me… I’ve always liked sharing a bed with someone and been a snuggler. Kind of weird when that someone is your best friend and you’re in junior high… Whoops. It wasn’t that I was trying weird things… I just have always liked sharing a bed with someone. Wow, that still sounds weird.

As a kid staying at my grandparent’s house, I never liked to sleep alone. I usually tried to convince one of my grandma’s to sleep with me. Now, at my Grandma J’s, I usually just slept on the couch which was in the next room and that was okay. You can’t share a couch with anyone anyway.

Okay, the more I type on this… the weirder I sound. I guess I am weird so I should just own up to it… NEVER! haha. Point blank, when my husband and I got married, I enjoyed the fact that there was my own personal heater in my bed. So when he goes on his trips, my bed feels empty and weird. Usually, before we go to sleep I rub feet/legs with him (tmi, but really it’s not… it’s like holding hands….) and then I proceed to yell at him to quit snoring so I can go to sleep. I may even kick him from time to time. I’m sweet like that.

But those routines you get used to… when he isn’t there my foot goes looking for his and it isn’t there. It does make it harder to sleep. So we tend to sleep with 2 fans on. Yes, even in the winter. He gets hot, I’m usually freezing, so the one fan is a stand fan on his side of the bed. The other is a ceiling fan. I have 2 extra blankets on my side of the bed and we survive (aka I survive).

This week was the annual work trip. Again… it was weird sleeping in my bed without him here. We’ve been married 7 years now… working on number 8. And while yes, it drives me nuts that he snores and I probably kick him a few too many times throughout the night… It is sad when he isn’t there next to me! So before bed to create a little semblance of normalcy, I turned on the fan on his side of the bed and the ceiling fan. I then had to put on socks (I hate sleeping in socks) because my feet were sooooooo cold. And I went to bed.

Only to be woken up by a little girl telling me she peed all over the floor, but this wasn’t until after she came crying to my side of the bed, crawled up on my lap, and there was pee squeegeeing down my leg. But I guess that’s another story for another day. Btw, the socks came off fast!

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