Grilled Cheese – Take Two

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I love google.  It’s sometimes my friend :).  I decided I wanted to know a little more about the Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  Did you know that it is apparently an ancient food served for many, many generations?

In the 1920’s, it got it’s big hit here in America during the Great Depression as the company supper because of the inexpensive white bread, butter and cheese used to make it.  It started out as an open face sandwich called the Cheese Dream.  In the 60’s is when the second slice of carbilicious goodness, aka bread, was added.

People also started experimenting with adding additional toppings, ie ham, bacon, tomato, etc… the possibilities are endless.  When you add the additional ingredients, the name changes for example, a Grilled Ham and Cheese.  Did you just have an aha moment?  No, just me.  Ok :).

So the other night, we thought we’d take an American Classic, The Grilled Cheese and spice it up a bit :).

Enter a husband with butter, bread, cheese, a knife, and Jalapeno Cheese Spicy Sausage.

Butter your bread like you would for any Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Add your preferred cheese. Mine had a slice of American but hubby had Jalapeno Cheddar.

And the Yummy Jalapeno/cheese Spicy Sausage!

Slice it in thirds so it’s not so long and easier to work with. Then slice it into long strips.

Place the strips in the pan to get a nice grill to them.

Then stack them on top of your cheese (or if you’re feeling real saucy, add some of that ham you cooked for another grilled cheese sandwich) and then top with another slice of cheese.

Place bread butter side down.

Once they are browned, flip them.

and {as Emeril says} BAM! Now that’s a Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

And on my quest to find out info about Grilled Cheese sandwiches origin, I stumbled across the Grilled Cheese Academy.  Now if you open this site up, don’t be sitting at work with your speakers on because it does talk to you :).

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