Quilt Block 14 & 16

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Last week I stated that on Easter Grandma and I looked for block inspiration. Well, we came up with two for this week’s blocks. We chose this first picture because of my mom and the “red bird.” It is a way to incorporate some of my mom into the quilt. The second picture was chosen because one of the fabrics we bought was Minnie Mouse and I was looking for a way to incorporate it.

While I was sewing, grandma and Abug were entertaining themselves by grandma teaching Abug how to hand sew material together.

So this quilt pattern called for leaves. It really didn’t fit what we were doing so I created my own Mickey Mouse head on paper and then we cut out the fabric in that shape. I still got the idea of what she wanted but made it my own.

This one grandma accidentally cut some of my pieces a little small so we had to wind up recutting them, but in doing so we were able to get multiple red birds in this quilt pattern. Yey!

Then when I was having difficulty, grandma had to help me. See, Abug and I are getting a lot out of being with Grandma! plus I think she enjoys our company (I sure hope anyway!)

The finished quilt blocks for the week.

And how it’s starting to fall together. As I said, I need to spread it out on the floor!!

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