Jump In, the Water's………..

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But that’s beside the point… I think.  It might have frozen my brain come to think of it… I’ll have to check and get back to you.

Nope, still good, I think….

This was our first weekend to work on the house and boy did we ever!  I still haven’t had a chance to sit down and look at the photos I shot in raw so I can show progress so until I get a free minute I’ll show you some photos that my Future Father-in-law (FFil) took.

We worked our butt off this weekend to the point my legs and ankles were sore every night when we finally called it a night.  I knew Sunday night that I needed to go home and go to bed when at 10:30 Sunday night I was loading the dishwasher (I washed every single dish before it got put up) and started crying to PC I didn’t know where I was going to put any more dishes.  But came back first thing Monday morning all refreshed and knew exactly where to put everything.  Every time I would empty a box, I’d think I’d found all the dishes and low and behold I’d find another box of dishes.  I got the point I refused to say I was done.  My only problem now is I know I had one more set of FiestaWare in Green that I can’t find the box so I’m scared that means I have a whole nother box of Kitchen stuff……… I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.  Heck I’ve been collecting things since I was about 16 for my house “Some Day”.

But we ran hard all weekend.  We were up at 6am every morning, not by choice but b/c of excitement and my brain making lists of things for me to do, and we’d go to bed about 10:30 or later every night.  I was so tired come Monday I almost took a nap at 10am but we continued working along.  My goal for the weekend was to have the kitchen done by the end of the weekend because I won’t be able to get in there this coming weekend.  PC and AC are going to be laying tile in the kitchen so it’ll be off limits.

We also got Tbug’s room painted.  I love it!  It isn’t quite finished, we still have to put the trim back up on the walls and paint that other than that, we can start moving her stuff into her room and decorating it.  I’m super excited about that!!!  This was taken off my cell phone so the quality of the photo isn’t the greatest.  Like I said lots of great Raw photos….

So as a break every afternoon we jumped in the pool for a short bit.  OMG it was friggin cold!  So here’s some photos from the pool excursion 🙂

PC was the craziest, he jumped in first.  Ok not the craziest, the kids and his dad had been in earlier in the afternoon but still…… 🙂
There he goes
Ladies & Gentlemen, he’s in
PC: Come on Baby (that’s me), jump in…. me: Are you out of your mind?  It’s cold!
Oh Fine and I’m in!
@#$%#$^&$#$!!!!!! Geez what did you get me to do, it’s cold!  LOL
PC: Baby you did it!  We took the first 2 jumps off our diving board at OUR HOUSE….
Me: I’m cold let me out of here!!!
Our next goal was to get Tbug to jump off the diving board.  She’d been jumping off the side into the shallow end but she wasn’t real sure about the diving board off into the deep end.  I convinced her to go in with me and that I’d make sure we came straight back up.  I counted to 3 almost jumped in she squirmed past me and I almost fell in.  It was funny.  So then we told her that her daddy would be on one side of the diving board, I’d be on the other and we’d catch her.  She still wasn’t buying it.  Finally PC said to put her tube on her waist and jump in like that.  He even demonstrated for her.  

Once she saw him do it she was sold but the deal was he had to be on one side of the board and I had to be on the other to catch her.

Ladies & Gentlemen, She’s In!!!!  First jump of many!
We told her once she did it the first time she’d want to do it more.  Sure enough on Sunday she jumped in; she told us 8 times and she actually started jumping out toward the middle and swimming all the way to the shallow end.  We created a monster!!  LOL
Dill Pickle (PC’s nephew) was still to scared but we finally got him to jump off the side into the shallow end which he hadn’t done yet this weekend that I’m aware of 🙂

Other than the water was extremely cold it wasn’t to bad.  The pool is shaded most of the day but parts of it are in direct sunlight.  As you can tell the afternoon is shaded 🙂  I’ll get more photos of the house up actually so you can see our progress if I can ever find a minute to look at the raw images either on PC’s Mac or else photoshop on my laptop.  Ah technology 🙂

Peace, Love & splashing,
Nicole 🙂

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  1. Good post baby!!!!!!!!! did ya have ta put the pic of me in the ring on there?? lol!! J/K I love you!

  2. Oh yes, it was extremely cold! But it was fun to say he and I were the first 2 to jump into our pool 🙂

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