Quilt Block 3 & 4

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Monday’s happen to be one of my favorite days. Why? Because that is the day that Abug and I go down to Grandma’s to work on our Quilt top. I really need a reason to like Monday because Monday does get a really bad rap.

Last week my blocks were purple and green and pink and green. I couldn’t decide other than I really liked bright colors. It came to me, pick one of the colors from the previous block and make sure to incorporate that into the next block, that way they’ll all kind of go together.

So purple and green so green and a color. That color happened to be pink so quilt block 3 had to have pink and then add a color. If you can see, I added yellow and orange to the mix. There was also purple and green that goes with previous blocks. Oooooo I like where that is going.

Quilt block 4 had to pick up a new color from those so I went yellow (and really orange) and added blue. Lots of great choices for Quilt Block 5 :). Let’s see what next week brings!

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