NCHA Futurity – Will Rogers – Ft. Worth

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Friday brought a start to our day bright and early.  The Open Semi Finals started at 8am.  Now truthfully that means they bring the cattle in at 8am to be settled, and the actual show starts about 45 minutes later give or take.  We missed the first horse.  Not bad, right?

During intermissions they have a huge trade show set up with Cowboy Tack, Gifts galore, trailers, trucks, anything you could think of pretty much.  We actually walked through the Horse Bus.  I meant to get a photo of the horse stall portion, however I forgot :(.  It was a pretty steep incline to take your horses up though!  But you have your horses and living quarters all in one.  Now you’ll just have to tow a car behind you so you can get around in the city :).

It even had a nice flat screen tv where you could sit outside, enjoy the night air and watch tele.

Inside the trade show they have the automatic horse/cow simulation.  You climb up on the horse and you get the general feel of what it is like to show a cutting horse.  I’ve heard from a lot of people it’s a really cool experience, even if you’ve grown up showing cutting horses.

Well hello there 🙂

This was a quilt they had set up.  So awesome, I want one!!

I thought with that saddle pad flipped upside down on that saddle it looked like an English Saddle.

The Open semi’s were awesome.  Sadly a bunch of good horses just weren’t having the luck on their side and didn’t make it back to the finals on Saturday evening, but a lot of good horses did.  It took a 215 to make it back to the Finals and they took the top 25+ ties which wound us up with 30 horses in the Open finals.

Bamacat ridden by Austin Shepard set the bar high with a Semi Finals score of 224
followed closely by
High Brow Jackson ridden by Monte Buntin who scored a 221.5.  The speculation was High Brow Jackson was the horse to watch and not only did High Brow Jackson have a story to be told, so did Monte.
Hi Ho Nabisco ridden by Grant Setnicka came in 3rd place going into the finals with a score of 220.

2012 NCHA finalists:

SF Score Horse
224.0 Bamacat
221.5 High Brow Jackson
220.0 Hi Ho Nabisco
218.0 Highrey Cat
217.5 Looks Halreycious
217.0 Autumn Boonsmal
217.0 Botero
217.0 CR Tuff Hearted Cat
217.0 Lil Catbaloo
217.0 One Gone Cat
217.0 Primary Cat
216.5 Hal Ofa Secret
216.5 Jett Setter
216.5 Kittyswood
216.5 Mo Faye Rey
216.5 Reverendquintanspoon
216.5 Travelin Smooth
216.0 Jack Boon Cat
216.0 Meradas Sly Cat
216.0 Summer Stays Here
215.5 Desire A Lil Pepto
215.5 He Bea Cat
215.5 Peptostruck
215.5 SFR Magic Doll
215.0 Compact Style
215.0 Donas Suen Boon
215.0 Ima Studio Cat
215.0 No Way In Hal
215.0 Reys Lucky Gal
215.0 Spoonful At Noon

After the Semi-finals were over, it was time to go find some grub so we headed to Joe T. Garcias down by the Stockyards.

Here’s a fuzzy view of the skyline of Ft. Worth.  Best I could do with my iPhone running down the road and by running I of course mean driving :).

After dinner we headed to Central Market where I found these cute gifts.  A Milk Chocolate Cowboy Santa, a Milk Chocolate regular Santa & Chocolate covered apples.  Holy Cow!

As we were leaving Central Market I saw this cute sign.  I so need this sign at my house!

And that boys and girls was my Friday (last week of course)

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