Joe T. Garcias – Ft. Worth

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A place that my parent’s said my aunt introduced them to was Joe T. Garcias.  I’m not sure you’ll find better.  Ok, you might, I won’t argue with you there, but this is FABULOUS Mexican Food… I’m telling you!

It’s located down near the stockyards, in fact through the tree clearings you can actually see the Stockyards.  Anyway the best way I know how to tell you to find it, head on the main drag, look for the Joe T’s billboard painted on the side of a building, drive a couple blocks and bam, you’re there. 🙂

Now one of the great things about Joe T’s is the seating.  Obviously if it is cold or rainy you sit inside, however when it’s nice out, they have outdoor seating.  Their outdoor garden is BEAUTIFUL.  We planned on sitting there this particular night but at that time, they weren’t seating outside.  I’m not sure if it was too early or if it was because it was misting. Every year we eat here, even last year when it was below freezing, we’ve sat outside because it’s soooo much prettier.

Use to, the ritual was to eat there on Sunday mornings for brunch.  That was back when the Open NCHA finals were on Sunday evening.  A couple years ago, they changed up the Futurity events and we wound up going to Joe T. Garcia’s in the evening.  Their brunch was good, but once you go dinner, you never go back :).

As with all Mexican restaurants, of course you start with your chips and salsa.

Now, dinner you have two options, that’s it.

Option one – I went with this… – Two Cheese Nachos as an appetizer

Two Cheese enchiladas, rice, beans, two beef tacos,

Guacamole, corn tortillas, chips & hot sauce.  Yummo!

Now hubby doesn’t like Guac so he calls it Guac and moldy but their Guacamole is some of the best I’ve had at a restaurant.  My favorite thing to do with their tortillas is put butter on them (they give you that) and eat it like bread.  All warm and melty with butter.  The cheese nachos have jalapeno on them and just enough of a kick on them to make you notice it was there but it wasn’t over bearing.  The cheese enchiladas – Oh Yum!  The tacos are made with their own homemade shells.  Fabulously delicious!

Dinner option two: (Mom, dad, and hubby went with)

Beef or Chicken Fajitas
Grilled strips of tenderloin or chicken breast, served with rice, beans, guacamole, flour tortillas, pico-de-gallo, chips and  hot sauce.

You know, plus all the fixes for great fajitas that include cheese and sour cream.  Hubby actually went with the mix of Chicken and beef.  Might I add, excellent!  There’s also bell peppers and onions in there as in any good fajita mix!

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