Review Extravaganza – July – September 2012

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I’m so glad you’re back for Week 3 – Holy cow where has this month gone let alone this year! – of the Review Extravaganza.  This week we’re reviewing July (my birthday month hint hint 😉) – September (my anniversary month hint hint 😉).

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Please by all means click on the links, but now let’s kick this party off right with July – September!


– Hubby answered a Q&A session for the blog.
– I participated in and completed an entire Photo-a-day challenge in June and shared it in July!
– I found out my Tbug listens to me more than my hubby’s mom (grandma… aka Memaw) and I questioned if that was a good thing or not….
– I shared some funny moments of me growing up….
– Hubby and I made a fun trip to Kansas to go check out Big Brutus and finished the evening with a Rain storm in the drought we were having and dinner at Josie’s (you know, that restaurant out in the middle of Kansas somewhere).

– Don’t have some of the things you need for cooking?  Never fear, I found some substitutions!
– I went and judged the Round Robin at our county fair and gave future showman some tips for future success.

– I gave you good reasons on taking photos to remember the little things in life! You know, such as this:

Circa October 2010

– And someone at work left me a note that I drive a land shark to which I still don’t understand…
– I did really confusing math for you.
– And proved to you my husband was glutton for punishment on our first date but went on to marry me. 🙂
– I came across this Video by the Peterson Brothers

– I ended out the month of July by turning the Original 29 – Which I wasn’t handling very well.  I say original because it seems like once you turn 29, people never get older… they always claim to be 29.
– Plus my friend’s son is 21 years to the day younger than me and Tbug helped Earl & me decorate T’s birthday cake.


– We had the fun task of replacing the air-conditioner in our house.  To make matters worse – I was sick.
– Hubby shared his version of our story.
– In the middle of our drought, my parents neighbor set a brush pile on fire and left to go to town and pretty much tried to burn up the neighborhood.  Luckily no houses were lost, just 40 some hay bales.
– I gave you a little more insight in to me.
– And the night that we got to go back to living in our house (AC remember) hubby and I did a Vlog :).

– I went on my first and so far only work trip where I did restaurant reviews and think I drove my co-worker nuts… now ask me if that bothered me 🙂

– And I got my momma to write a guest post on none other than a Restaurant Review from New Orleans!
– I Finally got my Date to the Drive in with hubby, only took me 14 years!

– Tbug took over my kitchen again to bake breakfast this time – Biscuits & Gravy!

– I taught you how to make your very own bloggy button!
– And I entered my very first photo contest and did rather well!!
– And my grandpa’s birthday would have been August 28, so what did we do?  We loaded my grandma up and took her out to dinner at a restaurant 45+ miles from home since Grandpa said to find good food you had to go 45 miles from home or more 🙂  We took her to Iguana Azul in Nevada :).

Whew, that was just 2 months and I still have another one to go.  I’ll try to keep it short!!


– The first part of September brought heart ache to the Life’s a Beach household.  Sadly we lost our Squirty Mare (& her foal inside of her) to so far unknown causes.  We then made a freak trip to Oklahoma State Vet School with her Full Brother showing similar symptoms and were able to save him.  Tbug showed her true colors here – You can’t help but love this little girl!
– Tbug participated in her first horse show and maybe made her little half sister a bit jealous too… I’d say she was showing off just a bit ;).

– My husband and I had our 2nd Wedding anniversary.

– I had a Real Heart to Heart moment.
– I tried to give Doti a Salt & Pepper shaker for her collection only to break one :(.  Now it’s in the “singles” cabinet :).
– We went to the PBR in Springfield.
– And we started our C25K training program!
– I shared my 10 things to smile about in September!!
– And I ended the month with monsterous blisters on my heels!

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0 thoughts on “Review Extravaganza – July – September 2012

  1. wow, I just learned we have a lot in common. I just turned the original 29 as well, and my hubby and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary in September!
    Love the funny stories from your youth, especially the sheep colustrum one!

  2. I turned 29 and then some as I was happy when I hit 30 since I look so young. So happy to say I am 32- not sure when i will stop aging 🙂

    The Peterson Brother songs are pretty funny. Glad your AC got fixed– as yea that would have been awful. You had some fun post over these three months.

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