Milo’s Cellar – Boulder City, NV

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Recently my husband and I went to Las Vegas for a short getaway. He’d never been and the last time I was out there I was 20, 2 months before I turned 21. Truthfully, it was about the same time of year even almost down to the weekend, but not quite. In 2003 I was there the weekend before finals for a day and a half.  This time it was the week following finals and we were there a bit longer.

I’m pleased to say we did absolutely nothing.  Ok maybe that’s partially a lie, we saw a show, Jubilee at Bally’s, one of the last true Las Vegas-style shows.  We ate, we lounged by the pool, we walked everywhere. And did I mention we ate?  I always said if I ever made it back out to Vegas I WAS going to Hoover Dam, don’t worry we went.  And did I mention we ate?

I’m so glad we walked everywhere or else I would have gained 15 lbs I swear.  One of my biggest complaints about Vegas {and really it’s only minor} is they don’t know what Sweet Tea is.  Someone from the South, please move there and inform them – Stat!

Otherwise, it was a very relaxing trip.  On Friday while we were out there, we got a rental car (get this for $1, what a deal!) and headed for Hoover Dam.  I plugged the directions into my iPhone and it took us through this cute little town of Boulder City.  If you’ve ever seen the movie Cars, it reminds me a lot of their town. I know there had to be an interstate somewhere to bypass the town but I’m so glad that the directions took us through this town.

On our way back to Vegas from Hoover Dam, we knew we had seen a cute little restaurant in Boulder City so we made it a point to go back and try some “local” food.  It wasn’t on the Vegas Strip, it had to be local, right?!

Milo’s Cellar Sidewalk Cafe, Wine Bar & Retail Liquor was the cute little cafe.

Sadly I didn’t think to do restaurant reviews until after I was home from my trip so I got this photo via their website.

The food was outstanding.  They open at 11 am.  We were there during lunch so we went for the sandwiches. Here’s what we ordered: {Oh I might mention my mom was out there for work so she was able to join us!! That’s why 3 entrees :)}


Turkey, prosciutto, smoked gouda, sprouts, tomatoes, and garlic mayo served on a croissant.

Mine – Oh My Goodness it was Excellent!

Italian Dip

Thinly sliced Italian beef and onion mixture with grilled portabella mushrooms and swiss cheese served on a hoagie roll with au jus.

Hubby’s – Again excellent.
We usually order different things at new restaurants so we can try a couple of things 🙂

I couldn’t find the description for this one on their menu.

Mom’s – She said hers was excellent as well.
All sandwiches are served with a pickle spear, grapes, and a choice of Lay’s Potato chips, potato salad, or Terra chips.  We learned that Terra Chips were vegetable Chips :).

In my opinion, it is definitely worth stopping at and heck, it’s right on your way to Hoover Dam.  By the way, in case you ever wondered, Hoover Dam is only about 30 miles outside the city.  It didn’t take any time at all to get there, so if you ever make it to Las Vegas, definitely go see Hoover Dam & the Memorial Bridge.

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**I’m not getting compensation for my thoughts here… but if they want to, I like food… money works too… LOL :)**

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