Dos Gringos, a Short walk from Will Rogers – Ft. Worth Texas

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One of my absolute favorite things about going to Ft. Worth is all the food we get to eat that we don’t have around home.  I know, but I’m a foodie so it’s ok!

So being at the Will Roger’s Coliseum for an entire day watching the show leaves you with a few options for food.  Leave and lose your parking spot, which they seem to be getting harder to come by!  Eat over-priced Coliseum food, which it’s not bad but still… Or walk down the road to Dos Gringos and have Tex-Mex!

Obviously as you can see we chose option 3.  Besides Dos Gringos is good!

It was misting & sprinkling the day we went so I wasn’t able to get a very good shot of the outside of the building, but this sits outside the window I was sitting at.  Very cool!  Now they can come and do this design in my yard!!  Totally love it!

Like any good Mexican or Tex-Mex grill restaurant they start you off with Chips and Salsa.  What’s cool about their chips is they cover them in chili powder.  It gives them just an extra kick!  This particular day we got free Queso – Read below to see how!!

So the waiter came to take our drink order and ask if we wanted an appetizer and while he was there told us about the special going on right now (not sure for how long!!) but you buy a $25 gift card to Dos Gringos that you could use that day even and you got a free bowl of Queso.  SOLD!

I always love the Salt & Pepper shakers that are made in  the Corona bottles.  I don’t drink beer so if someone could make me a set of these Stat I’d appreciate it!

Dad & hubby both got the Chimichanga

Golden Chimichanga
Crispy flour tortilla hand rolled and filled with pulled brisket or chicken topped with your choice of queso, sour cream or chili relleno sauce

The difference, dad got the pulled brisket with Chili Relleno sauce and hubby got the chicken with queso sauce.  I tried the chicken with queso sauce… YUM!

I had their Platos Siete (#7)

#7 Platos Siete
Beef, Cheese & Onion enchilada and Beef Taco

My favorite was the cheese & onion enchilada and the beef taco.  Part of me thinks I could have gone two tacos, part of me thinks I could have gone 2 cheese enchiladas.  And then they had a platter of a cheese enchilada and beef taco!  But all was yummy!

This is definitely one of those restaurants we absolutely LOVE to eat at while were down in the Will Rogers Coliseum area and we try to hit it up at least once while in town.

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