Lakes, Sunscreen, Food, & Fires

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Earlier last week sometime plans were made for Tbug, hubby and I to get up and go to the lake Saturday morning. They were certifying some boyscouts and we were going down too. I have been fighting a cold, plugged ears, etc… lots of stuff to keep me from diving… but I recently got my new fins in and I wanted to dive and try them out… so I agreed to get up an some unknown hour that turned out to be 5:30am. Did you know that time exists? This wasn’t quite 5:30 but close. I have no idea what time we left the house…

Hubby decided we should stop to get some donuts to take with us.

Tbug and I got photobombed…

So we decided to include him and he still acted goofy… Men/Husband’s/Dad’s…

Finally the sun decided to join us in rising…

We were supposed to be at the dive shop by 6:45am. We got there early so we decided to go to Deb and Grady’s house. Hubby had Karen’s laptop and I was like, shouldn’t we leave it here for her since we’re here… duh 😉

Then we headed back to the dive shop (following Deb and Grady) and helped (used loosely because this cold is kicking my butt) finish off loading the trailer.

Tbug will miss a week of our 5Mile camp and Dan has been teasing her that she’s supposed to submit for vacation via writing so she got right on that. Then he told her that she had to wait for a committee to review it.

We didn’t know the routine was to stop at McDonald’s in Jane MO for breakfast. We’ll know for the future.

This cracked me up… Go dippy…. so while I was taking a picture of Dan’s drink he said, Did I give you permission? I said, I didn’t ask.

No I didn’t reverse this wrapper.

I had to have someone’s food to take pictures of right?

And no one was paying attention to me. Man a selfie stick really would be nice here. ha!

Ever been to Jane, MO? No? Well you’re almost to Arkansas… no joke!

We finally got to the lake. Gorgeous Day! I even got another friggin sunburn to prove it :(. dang it!

I tried to get into the lake to try out my new fins and of course I couldn’t get down because of my ears. So I told Tbug to break my fins in. She liked them.

Once Day 1 of Open Water Classes were done we headed to Short Stop for lunch. Then home.

Hubby (we??) was asked to go down again Sunday but we needed to stay home and help work on hay. We thought it might be fun to catch the field on fire but that’s another story for another day. Around 2pm or so Sunday Dan sent me this picture. They ate Short Stop again… Jealous!

So what can I tell you I learned from this weekend? Wear Sunscreen and have a shovel ready! (shovels help put out field fires!)

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