Somedays I’m Mean (Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, Ft. Worth, Texas)

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Some days I get a mean bone in my body… lol. Well… I use the word mean loosely though! Let me explain. First off, did anyone notice I hadn’t been around these parts basically in over a week minus one post? Last week was finals week and then we headed to Ft. Worth for the weekend. After I turned in all my papers on Wednesday night, I didn’t touch a computer for 4 whole days because I was tired of my computer!

So anyway… I mentioned we went to Ft. Worth for the NCHA Futurity. Saturday night after the Open finals, we went to grab a bite to eat and wound up at Pappadeauxs. We ate there for the first time last year and it was good. So this year hubs wanted to go again.

He’s gotten in the habit of asking the waiter what’s the best thing on the menu when trying to decide what to order. I typically don’t eat fish, don’t care for the taste, but there wasn’t much chicken on the menu other than chicken strips. One of the things the waiter suggested was the shrimp. I decided to go for it.

These were huge shrimp stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese and a sliver of jalapeño wrapped in bacon and chargrilled. I’ll do shrimp as long as they don’t taste shrimpy/fishy! These, these were good! Then I went with a loaded baked potato for the side (instead of dirty rice).

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp

Loaded Baked Potato with butter, chives, sour cream, and cheese

Hubs went with the other suggestion of the waiter which was Mahi topped with crawfish, grilled shrimp, and grilled scallops with a butter creme sauce and cheesy grits with andouille sausage.

Mahi topped with crawfish, grilled shrimp, and grilled scallops

So how does this make me mean? Well, I took these pictures and then looked at the clock. It was almost 10:30 pm (yes we ate dinner late) and I told hubby that I wish it wasn’t so late because I’d be mean and send the pictures to Jared. Hubs told me to do it. Jared likes seafood. That’s why it was mean, but I got a message back that said he ate Taco Bell for dinner. oh, a double whammy.

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