Do the Brokey Pokey

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Sunday morning it was confirmed that we’d have Sunday night dinner at our house this week since we finally got the pool back up and going.  Then around 3pm on Sunday Earl called and said that Pokey had fallen off a mule and possibly broken his arm, was there anyway she could bring the kids over and we watch them while she took him to the hospital.

We told her absolutely, bring their swimsuits!! 🙂  So the kids swam in the pool all afternoon.

By all afternoon, I mean all afternoon. They showed up around 3 or so and got out when it was time to go home around 8ish.

Pokey in fact shattered part of his arm.  I’m not really sure the details but it wasn’t good.  Especially since he’d planned a hunting trip with a bunch of people for September out in Colorado.  Not sure he’s going to be going though because he had to have surgery yesterday.  Dr. said everything was good but they had to add pins and plates to his arm… No Bueno!

Now Earl teases me that I take a bunch of photos but then she tells me she shouldn’t because I get some cute photos of her kids too… LOL so as I’m sure you all know, I got my camera out and played 🙂  Hey I can’t help it!

So without further adu, here’s my Sunday afternoon in photos!

Happy Wednesday!

7 thoughts on “Do the Brokey Pokey

  1. That looks down right fun! Sorry about Pokey and his broken arm 🙁 Hopefully he will be able to make it out here to hunt! I hear it's fantabulous for hunting. I don't hunt. Oh how it would be to have a pool! You do take great pictures. 🙂

  2. You know how your recipes make me crave food? Your pool pics make me crave SUMMER! So much fun!!

    Hope your friend's arm heals up quickly!! 🙂

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