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One of my co-workers asked me the other day if I listened to Country Music and before I could answer, she answered for me with, probably not.

I grinned and said, yeah I do, the only reason I don’t here at work is because I get one station, and it isn’t country (it’s light rock mix) so that’s what I listen to but all the presets in my car are predominately country.  Although I have 2 light rock ones on the pre-sets too 🙂

So I proceeded to ask her why she asked.  She asked if I’d heard the Toby Keith song, My List.

For some people, they live by lists.  I’m not completely that way, but I do have my lists of things I’d like to accomplish.  Heck, I have one on this blog even, my 101 in 1001 days.  Sometimes lists are good, they keep us on track and they help us remember.

But we also have to remember that lists aren’t life.  Yes, my house may get cluttered every now and again or I’d like to redecorate that room or heaven forbid my cupboards get bare of food, I need that list, but we need to remember that life is short.

And sadly as we are getting older, our days seem to be going by even faster, or is that just mine?  If it is mine, please tell me HOW to slow down!  Did you realize that almost a year ago I got married?  I just finished up a fabulous wedding shower and our joint bachelor/bachelorette party.  I was putting the finishing touches on what still needed to be accomplished for my wedding and I was 3 weeks from becoming a Mrs.

Where has this year gone?

2 weeks ago the hubs and I spent every night with each other doing absolutely nothing.  That is the first time we’d been able to spend 5 evenings in a row doing nothing since we’d started dating really.  We’ve been on the run since the beginning basically.  We don’t have a full-time live in child, so this must have just been things for us.  Try adding one or two or like the lady in Arkansas (wasn’t it) 19 children, you basically run your life away.

Sometimes it is ok for the kid not to be involved in every sport.  Sometimes it is ok to tell a friend, no I can’t do {insert task} tonight.  Sometimes it is ok to spend 1 week just loving each other and being happy in the presence of each other and the company you provide.

I can remember many times growing up where I’d spend the evenings just with my parents and we were content.  I didn’t have to be involved in everything.  I didn’t have to be at this friend or that friend’s house.  Sometimes it is just good for the soul to sit back and relax.  Take a week off.

It is good for families to have quality family time together.  Quality family meals together.  Not always be on the run and the constant go.  Sometimes when you are on the constant go, you miss out on things, the little things, the simple things, that are so small you may not see them or experience them unless you slow down.  When did we decide that we had to live in a fast paced, be everywhere and involved in everything kind of world?

Now that summer is starting to draw closer to an end, kids are going back to school, holidays are fastly approaching, I just want to remind you, that some days it is ok to say Whoa, let’s slow down and take it one day at a time.


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  1. the tasks and chores keep piling up here too, but keeping us busy ,keeps us motivated and maybe makes us appreciate the quiet times more

  2. I love it when you write these kind of posts. I hardly ever listen to the radio any more, so I do not know this song, but yes sometimes we do just need to sit back and say okay..time to stop and smell the roses and the flowers, and so on.

  3. Definitely something we all need to keep in mind that we usually forget.

    PS – secretly? I'm a closet country music fan. Shhhh. LOL

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