That’s right ladies and gentlemen…. 2 days until my wedding!!!!!!!!!

I superly lucked out (yes that’s a word ;)) my mom took off all week to help with final details… the steaming of the dress, decorating of the church, decorating of the reception hall, running last minute errands etc. Plus her friend volunteered to help as well. I have 6 days of vacation left to use by Oct 9th. I took Friday off and 4 days next week since Monday is a holiday. That leaves me 1 day for a “what if” day and if I don’t use need it I’ll take a blow-off day I guess. No reason in losing it! PC’s ex-wife left us in a pickle (hehe) in June where he “had” to take his daughter even though he doesn’t have vacation so I took a day off to help so I have that one day for “what if” stunts. By the way did I mention she doesn’t have a job?? And he and I both work as do all of our parents…. Yeah anyway that’s neither here nor there.

So I didn’t get the Hair trials done, I didn’t get the Make-up trials done. My hair place said to send them pictures through facebook and if they had a problem with it they’d call and set up an appointment. Then my mom thought she’d use the salon to see what she thought and they told her they couldn’t get pics through facebook so to bring them in on the wedding day. Well apparently that’s not what they said so we had to run them pictures in yesterday. No big deal.

This is what I’m kind of thinking.

or I really like this one (very similar)

I have the veil and I have a little flower for my hair. I hadn’t thought about the flower until Dancy said something and I loved the idea but I didn’t pursue it. Monday when mom was running errands she said I’d made mention and she found one did I want it. I told her to use her judgment and she picked out one. I don’t have a picture of it to share. We are now getting to the point I don’t have many pics 🙁

(** and I wish i could give credit to the above pics, I don’t have a clue where I got them… so if you know let me know or if I need to remove them let me know**)

My bridal bouquet is going to be Calla Lilies and Roses and the bridesmaids will have Calla Lilies. PC will have a Rose and Calla Lily and the other guys will have Calla Lilies for their boutonnieres. Here is a picture I saw that I absolutely loved:

(again no clue where I found this)
Update mystery solved here This is Tara’s bouquet 🙂

My florist, Justin, said not a problem, he could do it! I have no doubt in my mind. Heck the CEO of the company I work for, both his daughters used this florist… I’m not worried :).

I have iPhone photos of my dress. I’ll post them up on a post on Saturday (I’ll prearrange the post). That way you guys can see and PC doesn’t accidentally see :). The photos aren’t the best and I was worn out that day, but it’s the best photos I can give you until I get the wedding photos back. The veil I have on in the photos is the veil my mom bought for me as well.

I also have a few pre-scheduled posts for while I’m on my honeymoon just so you don’t forget about me. They again are emails… so be prepared 🙂
So I told you what one of my last Friday nights was spent doing, judging Sheep Lead Line…

Last Saturday night we went out Rock’n’bowl with some friends. At 10pm you pay one price and you bowl in black lights with music blaring. I have nice nails that grow out long and oddly enough I had them fairly grown out, pretty and no chips. Thanks to Rock’n’bowl I’m getting fake nails put on. I about ripped my thumb nail off completely. haha! PC got a cool app for his iPhone and here are some pics from Rock’n’bowl provided by his iPhone.

I gave up Coke for the wedding. I couldn’t stand it Saturday night and claimed it was my “Sunday” b/c in all diets you have a cheat night 😉

 Yup that’s me. Those are my teeth even. haha. I look like I had braces!

There’s Laura.

This is Shantel’s back.

Then we went to IHop but PC and I didn’t eat. Once we got home it was close to 3am. Here are some late night photos:

haha It’s PC

My room actually looks cool… and we were watching Friends

Can you guess the color of my toenails? give up? Espresso 🙂

Here is a very tired Nicole & PC… don’t mind the wet hair!

2 days to Blast off 🙂

Peace & Love!

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  1. oh my goodness!!!!!!! i am so excited for you 🙂 can't wait to see the recap!! you will be gorgeous, it will be perfect 🙂

  2. ooooooh, I can't wait!! It's going to be a gorgeous wedding! Loving the hair ideas, loving the flowers, I am sure I will love the dress!! I can't wait to see pics. Enjoy your very special day—it truly does go by waaaay too fast. Congrats!

  3. Oh love I can only imagine how excited you must be!!!! I am so looking forward to seeing pictures of your big day. Remember to take in all the details… it flies by so quickly.

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