Macaroni Grill – Ft. Worth Texas

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So a restaurant in Ft. Worth that is very near and dear to my heart is Macaroni Grill. Why you may ask, especially because it’s a chain restaurant, Well… when I was younger, in fact, the first year I showed at the AQHYA World Show we ate here. I absolutely LOVE Italian food. This restaurant is on University Drive just down from the Will Rogers Coliseum.  Perfect in my opinion :).

When we got there they brought water to the table for everyone. We hadn’t had anything to drink for a while so we all gobbled up the water but look how cute their water jugs are they left on the table.

This was the first restaurant that I ever had dipping sauce for the bread, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with fresh cracked pepper into it. YUM!

And the bread, oh the bread. It’s a Rosemary Focaccia bread. Yum!

As I was reading through the menu, my mom saw Tortellaci and asked what that was. For once she stumped me when it came to food, so I googled it and it said it was a large tortellini pasta. So as I read the description for Butternut Asiago Tortellaci, four-cheese stuffed tortellaci, asiago truffle sauce, butternut squash, prosciutto, and parmesan I knew I was sold. Mom and I both got this and it was TOTALLY worth it!

Hubby went with Mama’s Trio. It comes with Chicken Parmesan, Lasagna Bolognese, and Cannelloni Bolognese. He usually goes for the trio’s if not plain Chicken Parmesan. My dad got the Lasagna so hubby got to try something similar to what dad got. They both liked theirs.

I’ve always been fond of eating at this restaurant. There for a while, we had one closer to home, but they’ve both closed so it takes a trip to Ft. Worth to get yummy Italian food, anyway from this Italian food joint :).

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