Chicken Mary’s – Pittsburg, KS

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Memorial Day Weekend is about honoring those who have served our country proudly.  My grandpa was one of them!  And if there is one thing I ever learned from him (which I learned way more than one thing!!) he always claimed food was better if you had to travel 45 miles from home or more :).

One of his favorite restaurants was Chicken Mary’s over in Kansas.  It’s kind of become a tradition to load up, visit the graves of our beloved family members and then go to Chicken Mary’s.

When you get there, obviously they give you the menu, but the cool thing is it comes with the story of how the restaurant got started.

To start the dinner, they bring some of the best bread, plus butter.  On the table you also have the option of adding Garlic Salt to your bread and butter.

For as long as I can remember, Onion Rings are the things you get as an appetizer.  There is something about these yummy onion rings that make them sooooo worth it.

Mom and grandma both went for the 1 piece White (mom got 2 pieces though because they said one was so small) with 2 sides.  They both chose to get German Slaw and German Potato Salad.

Dad’s favorite thing to get are the Chicken Livers.  Apparently when I was a kid I’d try to eat all of dad’s chicken livers but now, not so crazy about them 🙂  Dad’s came with 3 sides so he went for the German slaw, the German potato salad and baked beans.

Hubby likes the dark and white meat so he went with the 4 piece mixed with Cottage Cheese, baked beans and German potato salad.

Tbug chose to get the Spaghetti and Meat Sauce.  She chose green beans for her side.  She at all of hers and then some of mine.

I went with the 1 piece White and asked for a Chicken breast specifically.   I thought I ordered what mom and grandma ordered but somehow I got the option of 3 sides so I don’t know.  I chose German Slaw (although I really meant potato salad, I said it wrong), Spaghetti and green beans.  Holy cow the chicken was soooooo awesome this night, but that’s just what you come to expect when going there.  I ate so much I felt like a walking battle ship when I left, yet there was still stuff left on my plate when I was finished.

The cool thing though is they don’t forget about the pooches at home either.  They’ll bring you doggie bags for your puppies to get left overs as well.  Our dogs sure enjoy this!

And just for the fun of it, a photo montage of the hubs and me on our way home.  Sorry, it happens sometimes… lol 🙂

And today would have also been my grandma and grandpa’s anniversary.  I know grandpa is up in heaven these days, but we still wish grandma a happy anniversary day!  We never forget.

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