Friendsgiving 2020

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Let’s just put a disclaimer out here because… I know most people’s feelings about get together this year. They aren’t popular. I would also like to state that most of the people that were here have had Covid. No, we didn’t give it to each other… all at different times… so during this event, we had the immunity and no one got Covid at this event. Now that that is out of the way…

Friendsgiving 2020

So KW’s mom has a picture very similar to this at a Thanksgiving when she was about 18 months of age (so a bit younger than he is here…). We decided to recreate the picture. I really wanted to put the pictures side by side, but after digging through all of Deb’s photos, we couldn’t find Shaye’s picture like this… It also took a little convincing KW that this was okay to do, even though apparently he likes butter just as much as his momma did.

They’re not Leggins, They’re not Jeans, They’re jeggings… aka Turkey eating pants! (think Joey from Friends)

Tbug was helping me make gravy. So to make gravy, you put a little fat (butter, oil, etc) in a pan. Add flour and whisk for a minute or so to cook the flour. (a 1:1 ratio give or take). Then you add broth and continue to whisk. Mmmmm, Gravy! At first, we didn’t think it was going to come together but never fear. And it was yummy!

The Food (because really, that’s why we all came, right?)

Turkey. The star of the show. We didn’t do our normal bacon-wrapped turkey, but hubby still hugged this one in bacon.

Oh. My. Gosh. This sweet potato casserole was the bomb diggity.

Greenbean casserole.

Chicken and Noodles.

The gravy.

Mashed potatoes. 

Dinner rolls.

Dano’s slab stuffing. 

Deviled Eggs.

Leftover Cranberry sauce from making my Cranberry Cherry Cobbler Pie (see below).

Sopapilla Cheesecake.

Pioneer Woman’s Cherry Cranberry Cobbler Pie. The little loves Pioneer Woman and loves watching her with me. That morning we saw this and knew we needed to make it.

Fun and Shenanigans

And for fun… A video…

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