Easter Twenty Thirteen

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Sunday morning I got up early to make the cake I was taking to my parents house.  Earlier in the week I’d received an email from Kraft and it talked about carrot cake.  I got it in my head I wanted a Carrot Cake and I wasn’t going to shut up about it until I made one :).  So that’s the dessert we took.  Holy yum.  Anyway….

While I was working on preparing the cake hubby was serenading me with all kinds of different songs.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hPROlpOdQU]

Sadly we didn’t make it to church this year which really bothers me more than you’d know!

Around 11:30 we headed to my parents house for Easter dinner.  When we got there, my dad was off riding Mini Me so hubby ran out to the barn and saddled up KG.  About that time dad came back and they headed off down the driveway together.

My mother in law showed up and mom and she talked away in the house while I went out and sat on the deck enjoying the 60 degree weather and the book I’m reading, Coincidence of Callie and Kayden.  While I was sitting on the deck I had a bird land on my head.  I was completely taken off guard and cracked up laughing.  I’ve never had anything like that happen and I couldn’t even get a picture…

About the time my dad and hubby got back from their ride, mom was putting the finishing touches on lunch.

While the glaze for the ham was hanging out, melding together on the stove….

Mom made an appetizer of cheese dip.  There is a restaurant in Tulsa that we go to just for the cheese dip and we tried to recreate it.  We didn’t quite get there, but this was GOOD!

Mom said you can’t have Easter without Sweet Potatoes.

The eggs that Tbug and I decorated last year were part of her table decoration.

Oh boy does that ham look yummy!

Mashed potatoes, you know, for those of us who don’t care much for sweet potatoes, and yes I tried a sweet potato.

Hubby loves Deviled eggs so mom made him some.

And the carrot cake I made.  Holy yum!

After lunch hubby went outside to play with Snookums a bit.  Boy is she ever so dirty and hairy, but after he was finished she looked much better!  I had my big camera out (although all these photos were with my iPhone) and she was extremely interested in having her photo taken.

While hubby pestered worked on Snookums, I went into the round pen and stalked out Pi, trying to get just the right shot. Freckles wasn’t having it, so I took my time and they’d calm down a bit and I’d inch closer.  I still haven’t looked at the photos on my camera yet to see what I got.  I would have gotten even closer had SOMEONE (not naming any names dad) decided he needed to feed hay and the tractor got them all excited again.

 After we left mom and dad’s, we headed over to our second families home, Uncle B and TC. (TC is Pokey’s sister.)  Just as we got there Har and Len were leaving so we had to give them fits about leaving when we showed up.

Baby D sporting the Sunnies.

Baby D’s cute tractor.  it comes complete with flashing lights and sounds.  Very sweet!

And Pokey was taking after Har and getting a little snooze in.  At first he was snoring, but then it was more like he was talking.  It was quite funny and we so should have video’ed him!

After that we headed to Pokey & Earl’s to hang out.  I sat in the house reading this book that I can’t put down, yes I was being lazy, while they were outside burning who knows what, cleaning the yard so Earl can mow this week.

Today though, it’s sleeting.  Yey for the moisture but I doubt she’ll get to mow today at least :).

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  1. Looks like it was great Easter weekend – and the eats look yummy! I'm a fan of sweet potato fries, but just sweet potatoes (or yams) in general are tooo sweet for my tooth. And your cake looks delish!! YUM!!

  2. Looks like such a great Easter! I love deviled eggs too. How fun that your hubby plays and sings!

    And how funny the bird landed on your head! That is crazy! How long did it stay?

  3. Wow, what a day!! So relaxing and beautiful with the horses! I am not a fan of sweet potatoes either… but we did have ham and deviled eggs, although my mother in law made them and they weren't so good. I had a cake made which made everything 'alright'. The carrot cake looks like it turned out great! Good job!

  4. We had awesome weather too! It was 65 and we busted out the kiddie pool! haha. We might be a little crazy. You are so lucky that the bird didn't poop on your head. My mom has had that happen to her 2 or 3 times and I have had it once.

  5. Awe love it that your hubs can play the guitar! very cool

    What a wonderful Easter Sunday with family/friends.

    Your Snookums looks quite similar to our Jenny. Dirty yellow 🙂

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