Random Smathering of Junk

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So I was reading a review on my camera the other day and I got tickled.  A gal was bragging saying how she had taken 800 photos between a 2 week trip to Europe and a couple horse shows and a couple other things.  I giggled.  My husband and I took 2500 photos just in Hawaii last fall.  In fact he took 600 photos while I was judging the Round Robin the other day.  Maybe we’re trigger happy?

So we decided we wanted to see how many shutter actuation’s we had on our cameras.  Yes I said camera’s, his and hers.  His btw was the one that went to Hawaii.  His had 9,909 photos taken as of last night.  Any guesses on what mine was??

Last night my eye started hurting.  I knew a stye was forming on it.  I guess that’s what you say, forming?  This is what I woke up to this morning, and boy does it hurt!  Don’t judge me, it’s a horrid photo!

If I could get by wearing my Sunnies all day I’d be doing great, you’d never notice!  I think this is a better picture, just sayin!

So when I got in my car this morning, this is the temperature I saw.  I’m fairly certain it’s going to be a scorcher today boys!  Come on Rain!

I saw this on weather.com this morning.  I’m thinking they could send some of that water to the farmers and all would be good.

Ok, that’s all I have on this Thursday.  Is it Friday yet??  Maybe in Australia?

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  1. I had a little bump on my eye recently, but mine was tiny and on the white part. I hope yours feels better soon! It looks painful 🙁

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