7th Anniversary

Hello. We’ve now been married 7 years. Some days it feels just like yesterday that we were dating and other days it feels like much longer. But the thing is…. we still kind of like each other. (haha)

This year our anniversary fell on Labor Day Monday. It does that from time to time. I guess that’s what happens when you get married Labor Day Weekend. Chances are your anniversary will fall on Labor Day Weekend. Totally cool with that, because that meant we got to spend our Anniversary together. Score.

Our morning started off with breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg. Ever eaten at one of them? You should. They specialize in Breakfast and lunch. This… this is good and totally worth every last calorie laden bite. This is the Carnitas Skillet. I’ve tried and tried to find the description and I’m afraid if I tell you I’ll forget something…. so be prepared…. It’s hash browns, eggs, cheese (Monterey Jack), pulled pork, sausage, bacon (maybe, I can’t remember), topped with tomatoes and onions and just all around YUM!


2nd Year of Wedded Bliss

Boy, this has just been a crazy week.  I’m so glad it’s Friday!  I need a vacation from my last weekend/this week!

Update on Mini Me, he dropped about 200lbs we’re guessing while he was sick and at the vet, but he’s home and so far acting like his normal, usually, self.  That’s a plus!

And I pretty well had posts to share all the way up until today, today included, however because of Wednesday & Thursday’s post our anniversary post had to wait a few days.

Hubby leaves for work earlier than I do, but most days I get up with him, Tuesday was no different, however I beat both of our alarms.  I think I may have been a tad excited!

I was with my mom the day I bought his present, and it was rather large, so I planned on getting it from her at work on Tuesday and then giving it to him in the evening, however Monday when I made mention of that he kind of led on that I would be getting my present Tuesday morning so I had to figure out how to get his present from my parents house to ours.  What better way, than in mom’s HUGE suitcase.  Besides his present was awkward enough to try and wrap that I just told him, that’s the wrapping :).

So once he opened up mom’s suitcase, there was his present, his very own suitcase!  He’s been wanting one for a while because I guess he doesn’t like dragging my giraffe looking suitcase around.  What’s really funny is if we do go somewhere, we go together so he could very easily pass it off as my luggage, but whatevs, now he has a black “manly” suitcase :).  Oh and seeing as though traditional 2nd year gifts are Cotton Balls or China, I stuck Q-tips and cotton balls in the suitcase for him :).

Ignore the way I look, it was 6:30 in the morning and I had just woken up.  But look at the gorgeous wrapping job on my present!

A bit of a story, while we were still dating I told him that someday I wanted a charm bracelet for my anniversaries with a charm every year to represent, him, me, us, or an event in our life, just something meaningful to us as a whole.  Last year “paper” I got this gorgeous charm that looks like a book.  This year being “cotton” or “China” I wondered what I would wind up with… so I got a Bale of Cotton Charm.  How precious is that!

My first charm finally has a buddy!!

He had to go on-line and go to cotton Plantations down in the Southeast who had gift stores.  It’s even filled with real field cotton.  My husband is GREAT!

Now, he’s out of vacation so taking the day off together wouldn’t work, so we both went to work.  Fabulous way to spend your 2nd Anniversary, huh?  Last year at that time we were in Hawaii on Catamaran’s and Parasailing!

When we got off work we both ran home and changed clothes and got in one vehicle and decided to go do a small anniversary photo shoot.  Wow, that was a lot of ands in that sentence.  Anyway, we both put on our outfits we left our reception in and I put on my wedding shoes.  Yup, 2 years later I still fit into the dress, that’s good right?

Now being in Hawaii last year we weren’t able to do a photo shoot holding our wedding photo, unfortunately, so this year we did the shoot holding both photos.  Next year we plan on holding the 2nd year wedding photo and so on until we’re like 150 and senile.  Then we’ll hold the photos and wonder who those beautiful folks are :).

And I put this little collage together of our years together.  The first photo was taken the latter part of September when we kind of became official, then our wedding photo taken on 9/4/10, our vow renewal photo on 9/6/11 and our 2nd anniversary photo taken on 9/4/12.

I’m just trying to figure out how next year’s collage will work with 5 photos, any ideas?  Odd numbers seem a bit difficult!

oh and in this year’s photo, if you wonder why my hand is flat against my leg, I have the remote in my hand trying to find it! ha!  Ok I’ll quit now, happy Friday and hope y’all have a fantabulous weekend!

Dang, When did I get so old?

My 10 year Class reunion is this year.  Really?  I’ve been out of high school for 10 years?

Well yeah, I graduated in 2001.  I’ll always remember the year and the number of years out b/c the World Trade Center attack, 9/11 happened the same year I graduated :(.

Anyway my class has become digital I guess b/c we didn’t get paper invitations.  Nope, everything came via facebook.  I guess that’s what happens when you get older, especially moving into the world of technology.

I remember sitting in grade school, probably 4th or 5th grade maybe and the teacher said one day there wouldn’t be such thing as paper money, we’d all be plastic.  Well I don’t think she was far from the truth there.  Yes we still have paper money and people still have checks… checks… you do remember what those are right?  Yeah I write one every once in a great while.  Sometimes I catch myself up though and write it funny and just laugh.

I’ve been writing checks since I was like 8 years old.  My dad taught me how to write them and I’d write them out for him while driving down the road and he’d sign it sitting at a stop light :).  Then in Home Ec or whatever it’s called these days, we had to learn how to write them and balance a checkbook account in that class.

Anyway back to my class reunion…  I live in a fairly small town, population is 12,000 give or take.  There were 214 in my graduating class.  Not small by some standards but when I went to NYC, they said the dog population in one block of registered dogs was more than my hometown or the other comparison was that many people live in one city block… WOW!

So anyway I’ve been following all the “conversations” on our class fb page about the class reunion.  The class president, her parents own a cattle company.   That was their source of income.  But they also have a lodge somewhere on their place.  Our reunion is going to be held there.  Come on, there really aren’t that many places to hold a reunion in our hometown anyway.  Then on top of it, b/c of the Maple Leaf Parade, that is the weekend that pretty much ALL class reunions happen b/c people are already back in town so they don’t have to make special arrangements to come back.

One person is upset about the location of our reunion.  He’s stated it many times.  And I get that.  You aren’t going to please everyone with every decision made, obviously, especially with 214 people to try and please plus spouses, significant others, etc.  But he’s to the point of being an asshole, pardon my language.  I’m sick of him.  He stated his unhappiness.  Ok that’s all that needs to be said but for over a month now almost on a daily basis he either posts something on the wall or puts down one of the planners for their choices.

Ok first off, them holding it where it is, we’re paying $10/person to get in the door.  That’s it!  Last year’s class reunion was at Memorial Hall and it was $50/person.  Bring on the $10!

But he’s just showing that some people haven’t grown up in 10 years.  I wrote one of the gals an email and said,

hey you’re doing a great job.  Sorry some people are being dumb and showing they haven’t grown up yet.  You aren’t going to please everyone so don’t get down! 

It just makes me feel bad for the class officers who are planning it!  I can sure tell you I don’t want to be on the planning committee, EVER!  I think they should make him on the committee for next time and see just how “easy” it is to plan it, like he seems to think it is!

Ok sorry for this session of ranting but I’ve had enough!  I really want to post something on the fb wall that says grow up, but for now, I’ll just tell the planning committee they’re doing great and to ignore that butthead!

How do you Spend Your Tuesdays??

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So after we renewed our wedding vows we really didn’t have anything booked until later in the evening.  This was really just a day to lay around and relax.

The infamous ABC Stores that are on EVERY corner!

A photo in front of Tiffany’s but at 9am, they weren’t open yet so we couldn’t go in 🙁 I guess no Breakfast for us there 🙂

My mom was so proud

Dad looks a little TOO happy 🙂

My dad used to always call me McGillycuddy so when I saw this restaurant I KNEW I had to have my picture taken with my dad under the sign.

This was in the International Market Place and cracked us up!

This is out in the middle of the ocean.  The Catamaran guys told us it was a tower that transmitted signals all around the globe.

What am I drinking?  I won’t tell 🙂

There they are using the Conch Shell again to signal coming in.

I was impressed b/c she was actually lowering herself down with a rope while standing on the ladder.

Look mom, NO Hands!

After we got off the Catamaran for the 2nd time, (mom & grandma needed to go out also), we went to eat lunch and get some food in my system.

We ate at Cheeseburger Paradise Beachwalk.

I had a stuffed Cheeseburger.  I stuffed mine with Mozzarella Cheese & Banana Peppers.

Hubby got the Aloha Fish & Fries.

This was our guide who picked us up for our Dinner cruise.  He picked this flower saying he’d never seen one before, and then stuck it behind his ear.  Yup, I caught him 🙂

The guide said this ship never leaves harbor, it just gets painted lots of different colors.

Pictures from the eating quarters on the dinner cruise.

We got free drinks with the cruise package so we tried a Volcano (I think is what it was called)

It was a buffet style dinner.

I kept seeing the Hawaiian flag and wondering why they were flying the British flag.  If you look at them side by side they are different, but it still threw me and a lot of other people.

Haha, I had to have at least one hubby butt shot, right?!?! 😉

Our boat was almost more like a pontoon so you didn’t feel any waves at all, very cool!

And it was a Sunset Dinner Cruise.

When we came back in the dinner cabin, they had couples who were celebrating their anniversary get up and dance.  My mom laughed b/c we just danced at our table.  Then we went up and danced something else and wound up staying for the Cupid Shuffle.  My mom was like, “Well I didn’t raise a shy child.”  I was like, “Um, do these people know me?”

And because of this picture here, when we went to get on our charter bus to go back to the hotel, it was full.  It was a 60 passenger bus, there were about 45 of us when we arrived at the ship and when we went to go back home, every seat was taken.  How does that happen?  It wasn’t like a city bus, it was only for specific people.  So the dinner cruise people paid for us to take a taxi back to the hotel since our bus was taken.

Love to Last a Lifetime

Tuesday morning started off with a wonderful Vow Renewal.  The beaches there at Waikiki are supposed to be “spiritual”.  You have Earth, Water & Sky all in one place.  The waters are supposed to be healing.

Our hotel, Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach, along with Outrigger Reef do vow renewal ceremonies for guests.  Hubby and I decided we were going to participate since this was our 1 Year Anniversary Trip.

I’ve compiled the photos into a slide show as a different way to view them.  And for those of you around here last year, you may remember this song.  This was the song we played in our wedding with our “us” slideshow.

The ceremony was performed in Hawaiian and it was a traditional Hawaiian ceremony.  The Hawaiian Kiss is head to head, nose to nose, stand there breathing each other in, not our traditional kiss but it works!  Also ceremonies like this start and end with traditional Hawaiian songs as well as dance.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dTsfQFn-sRk?hl=en&fs=1]

“the vow to renew your love”

Ha‘i ‘Olelo
Aloha au ‘ia ‘oe
“I love you”

No keia la, no keia po, a mau loa
“From this day, from this night, forever more”

Male ana e pili mai aloha kaua
“We two will cling to love in marriage”

Aloha aku no, aloha mai no
“I give my love to you, you give your love to me”

Mahalo e ke Akua no keia la
“Thanks be to God for this day”

Eia au, eia ‘oe
“Here I am, here you are”

Ka honi mai me ke aloha
“And with love is a kiss”

No kau a kau
“For eternity”

Ma‘ane‘i no ke aloha
“For love is here and now”

Ho‘i hou ke aloha
“Let us fall in love all over again”

E kipa mai
“Come to me”

E ku’u aloha
“My Love”

Ho‘i hou ke aloha
“To fall in love all over again”
This is the theme of the ceremony itself, with the oral traditions of chant and prayer.

Puka mai ka hikina a ka la
“The rising of the eastern sun”
The ceremony begins at the start of a new day, putting you in touch with the elements… the sand at your feet, waves gently lapping on the shore, soft breeze touching your skin.

“The cleansing of life”
The practicing Kahu (ceremonial leader) walks into the ocean and offers a powerful chant to cleanse the past, present and future, so that love may reign over all things.

Upon the man and woman in wedlock which preserves their love everlasting as written biblically.

Ka honihoni
“The kiss”
The most intimate component in expressing total emotion is the sharing of inner breath.

Mele ho‘opoipo
“The song and dance of love”
The gift of love, prosperity and wellness is presented in the poetry of music and dance.

Ka palapala oia‘i‘o
“The Hawaiian certification”
The certificate signifies that you were honored in this Hawaiian ceremony according to the words of wisdom and of the ancients.

“Signs & revelation”
We ask that you take what you have experienced whole heartedly, and share it with the world.

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Get caught up here:
Post 1 – Friday night
Post 2 – Saturday
Post 3 – Saturday

Post 4 – Sunday
Post 5 – Sunday  
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**This is extremely picture heavy and long.  I’m sorry, I was just trying not to have to break it out as much…**

Monday was a LONG day.

We boarded the bus at around 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get back to our hotel room until about 11:30pm.  I hate to say it but the driver of the bus drove me nuts with his bad grammar and his constant snorting and swallowing INTO the microphone which was turned up way loud.  I think I found my tourrettes I didn’t know I had… lol j/k… I think.

Being the last “official” day of summer as people refer to Labor Day as, the roads were busy swamped with people trying to get to the beach.  Our tour was through the Polynesian Culture Center who I learned was owned by BYU – Hawaii or at least all the BYU students worked there to  help with tuition to attend BYU – Hawaii.

We started our day with a tour of Hawaii and were supposed to get back to the Culture center around noonish but because of traffic didn’t get there until just a bit after 2.

This was a hiking hill.  I can’t remember the name of it but where as Diamond Head zigzags around, this was straight up.

Maybe a little too excited??

This was called Rabbit Head Island.  The thing we learned about Hawaii is we only recognize 8 islands when there are actually around 137 islands in the Hawaiian Chain that are counted.  This is considered one of them.  Basically the tour guide said if a land mass (such as this) pops up, it’s considered an island.

One of the only Hawaiian Sumo Wrestlers, this is a statue in his honor.  It was placed in front of his mom’s shop she owned at one time.  The now owner keeps it up there in memory and honor of her.  Japan has since closed their sumo wrestling up to just Japanese born.

One of the look out points.  3 generations!

Yup, we drove through those tunnels 🙂

Then we headed to the Dole Plantation.

And while on our drive to the PCC we passed this huge rock.  It is the black rock right down there in the ocean.  It is 3 stories high, like being on the roof of a 3 story high building and people line up to jump off of it.  From the road it doesn’t look very high but we were above it a ways.  The tour guide said that if you are down by it, it’s huge.

And Hawaii is working on wind power.  Currently they are in the testing stages.

Once we got to the PCC we experienced the Pageant show at 2:30 where all the cultures represented at the pageant come down the river on canoes and do a chant.

The islands represented are: Aotearoa (New Zealand), Fiji, Hawaii, Rapa Nui, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga, & other islands.

Photos from the pageant:

Then we go around to the different areas to watch the different about 20-30 minute shows from all the different cultures.  We only had time to view 3.

This was Samoa.  And we actually got to try some of their food.  Ok so I wasn’t crazy about it, but I tried it and didn’t die and had I lived there, it wouldn’t be bad 🙂
Yes he climbed up this barefooted!

I truthfully can’t remember what group we were at here but this was hilarious.  This guy here called up 3 different guys from the audience.

He came up with these three (in this order) San Diego, Japan & Kenya (he referred to them by where they’re from…)
So he goes on with his skit of teaching them how to chant and play drums like the culture we were at would.  Now back behind them were 3 back up drummers

and I swear they must coach these guys when they go back there to pick on this lead dude b/c it was hilarious!

San Diego goes first and the leader says, ok I’ll do it first then you repeat me.  Well before the leader could get through SD starts in pounding on the drums or chanting and not making any sense.  Finally he makes him go sit down.
Then Kenya gets up there and they’re banging away on the drums chanting and all the sudden Kenya breaks out into “Who Let the Dogs Out” and the look on the leaders face was Priceless!  Then they tried to do the dun dun du dun dun…. Du du… and Kenya would just repeat instead of the du du.
So he sits down and Japan gets up and he tries to have Japan yell like a man and Japan screams like a girl.  The look on the leaders face again was PRICELESS!  So then He has Japan ask the crowd, Are you Ready.  And then says, “ok say ‘Are you read in Japanese,'” so Japan says, “Are you Ready in Japanese.”  And the leader is like, “No say are you ready, In Japanese.”  So Japan goes, “Are you Ready IN Japanese.”
Later after it was all done we got to talk to the leader and he said he doesn’t ever know what they’ll do, that’s why I think the back-up drummers must coach them while they’re sitting in the background.  He said sometimes they’ll break out into the O’ Canada Song (if Canadian of course), They’ll break out in to I like to Move it Move it, they’ll break out into Who let the Dogs out, and he just never knows what’s going to happen.

So after that, we went and caught the boat ride back to the front so we’d be to dinner at the right time.  You can call me lots of things, but don’t call me late for dinner 😉

Ever wondered what one of these looks like from behind??


Once we got to the Luau/dinner, they were introducing royalty & the pig….

Then they seated us 🙂

Toward the end of the meal, they asked for any couples who were celebrating their anniversaries to come up so hubby and I went.  There were 4 couples up there, all of us were on our 1 year except one and they were celebrating 5 years.  Then we got to dance to a traditional Hawaiian Love song.

After dinner was over, then we milled around for a bit until the evenings show started.  My mom decided right here, she wasn’t sure if she would claim us anymore or not….

Once the show was over, we hopped back on the bus, drove the hour drive back to Waikiki beach, went into our hotel room and crashed.  It made for an extremely LONG day!  And Tuesday morning was the only morning on this trip I didn’t wake up at 3am (which remember is 8am MO time)

Do’s & Don’ts IMO

  • Do take an island tour.  You get to see where Elvis Presley bought a house, where Blue Hawaii was filmed, where Hawaii 5 0 is shot, etc.  Lots of cool little trinkets along the way.
  • Do do it early in your trip so if you see something you want to go back and look at you can either hop the city bus or you can rent a car for a day.
  • Do eat all the fresh fruit you can find!  It’s extra yummy!
  • Do go to the Dole Plantation.  We were only there for about 20 minutes so I’m not sure if it’s worth more than that or not, like I said we weren’t there for long…
  • Do try their Pineapple ice cream!
  • Definitely go to the Polynesian Culture Center!!!
  • Don’t – well I might not suggest taking their tour because it is an extremely long day… but you might like it too….
  • I really don’t have too many don’ts.  Maybe don’t forget to eat breakfast if you take their tour because if you hit traffic, it makes for a LONG day and a while between eatings 🙂
  • Don’t buy Pineapples at Dole if you are there early in your trip, hop the city bus on your day to come home, run to Dole, buy them then… they’ll be much fresher!

**Sorry this was so long and picture heavy, I was just trying not to have to break it down as much**

How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 2

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Now, this is REALLY how we spent our first anniversary :).  Ok so the other was what we did too, but still!

So we had to meet the Trolly to be picked up by the statue of Duke Kahanamoku, The Father of Surfing

And the Trolly took us down to the docks so we could get on the boat, to… get this…. Parasail!  We went through X-Treme Parasail – Oahu.  My dad parasailed when they went to Maui in 2009, but when we were planning this trip, somehow it came up that my 79 year old grandma wanted to.  Well of course Hubs and I were all for it so dad agreed to go up with grandma, hubby and I were going and mom was an observer.

This is the boat we rode on.

When you get on the boat they equip you with life jackets and then as you get closer to your turn they hook you up in the harness.  There are 2 guys on the boat, the Harness guy and the driver.  Ours were both a riot!

Since dad was the only one on the boat who had parasailed before, he and grandma got to be the first to go.

It wasn’t quite what I expected, but it was awesome!  I really thought the boat zoomed around with you, but as long as there are winds to hold you up the boat pretty much just trolled.  One of the websites I read said you had to weigh 175lbs to be able to go up by yourself.  On our boat though, no one went up alone.  In fact there were 4 Japanese girls that all went up together.

Kissing in air 1000 feet from the boat!

Not to long after this we got dunked and then taken back up in the air.  It sure was cold then!

Haha, yup, all smiles from me!

One of the other groups that went up asked if hubby would take some photos of them with their camera and of course he said yes.  Now with us, we take a bunch of photos sometimes to make sure you get one or two that are at least good… LOL.  When they got back and looked at the photos hubby took they were like, Those are good 🙂

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Simple, Do go parasailing!!!
  • Don’t be an observer in the boat, I guess unless you are afraid of heights, but it was Awesome up there!

How we spent our 1st Anniversary Part 1

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I didn’t want to be traveling on our anniversary!  That was one request I made.

Oh and trust me, your time will be so screwed up!  I woke up all but 1 morning at 3am which was 8am at home.  I’d have to convince myself to go back to sleep until about 6-6:30am HI time which was 11-11:30am MO time.  And we wouldn’t go to bed until around 10pm-12am HI time which is 3-5am MO time.  Oh well, it was like college all over again, going to bed late, getting up early. ha!

When I got up at 6:25ish this was the sight I saw out my balcony.  I was in love.

Then I looked at this direction and knew I hadn’t missed sunrise yet.  I yelled at hubby to put his shoes on and we were headed to the beach.  I figured we’d get a gorgeous sunrise there.

While we were down there they brought this bad boy out!

Turns out on Waikiki beach you don’t see the sunrise because you fight all the buildings and Diamond Head.  I was bummed but that didn’t stop me from taking a million photos.  Ok maybe not a million b/c I only had a total of 2500ish but still, we took A LOT!

We were taking photos of me standing in the shallow waves and then this one came up.  So much for my sleep clothes!

Then we went back to our room and opened the balcony door.  The breeze was amazing!  And when you open the balcony doors (at least in our hotel) it shuts the AC off automatically.  When you close them, it comes back on.

We bought some cards at the ABC store to kill a little time (remember it’s 6:45isham) before we had something better to do.

Breakfast of champions right here baby! 🙂 haha

to shoe or not to shoe, that is the question.

Then waiting for our Catamaran ride, we played in the ocean!

Toes in the water, A** in the Sand (referring to the song again) or as close as we could get….

We were supposed to ride the blue Catamaran in previous photos.  $20/person and then they had $1 Mai Tai’s, $2 Beer’s, Cokes, etc.  Then after we paid our money and were waiting to set sail they said that the hotel rented them out to 2 men and we got bumped so we went down the way to the next Catamaran and theirs was $20/person all the drinks you wanted were included in the price.  Heck we were sold and those guys were awesome!  They even let you drive the Catamaran if you wanted.

Diamond Head

In the shallower part, the water looked like you were in a swimming pool.

On a clearer day like it was on Sunday the 4th, you can see the Islands off in the distance (looks like shadows almost).  Molokai is 50 miles from Oahu and then Maui is 25 miles from Molokai so you can actually see the 75 mile distance on clear days.

Yes, the water looked THIS blue!

They actually used Conch Shells to notify other patrons that the catamaran was coming in or going out so they didn’t run over you.

Then we met back up with Grandma & mom (who went fabric shopping) and ate lunch at the Famous Duke’s.  Ask a lot of people for recommendations on restaurants, this is one they’ll send you to.

All open and this was our view at lunch.

and heck we ate with pigeons running around under our feet.

Mmmmmmm lunch!

Nicole’s Do’s & Don’ts

  • Do watch the Sunrise from your Balcony
  • Do run down and play in the water first thing in the morning, fewer people around!!
  • Do ride the catamaran, ours was the Manu Kai
  • Do make it a point to eat at Duke’s!
  • Do try to sleep in, but good luck!
  • Don’t wear your shoes in the water.  The 1st morning there (in this post) I dropped both mine and hubby’s flip flops accidentally and we had to run after them.  I almost then dropped the camera in the water… No Bueno (no good!)
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!  Even on your head or wear a hat!
  • Don’t forget to at least try the Mai Tai… Hawaiian’s know how to mix them up!

Our First Night on the Town

Hubby and I went with band back in high school to Florida, but he had a cut on his foot and was scared to get in the salt water with the open cut so this was his actual first time ever in an ocean!  I was so excited I got to be there with him!

When the tide comes in and then goes back out at times, it feels like it’ll take you with it.  I actually wound up losing my flip flops and had to run after then to get them back.  Hubby was laughing at me but actually caught one b/c it hit the next wave and rode the wave into shore.

here is just a splendid view plus a Catamaran.  We went to ride this one on Sunday but didn’t, that’s another post for another day.

This is something I do every time I’ve ever been to the ocean, or at least I put my name in the sand b/c I haven’t always had hubby in my life or even had anyone in my life when I’ve been to the ocean.  I’ve been to the ocean 5 times now and this is actually the first time I’ve had someone’s name to write in the sand along with mine
WE’RE HERE!!!!  I think Grandma was excited too, but not nearly as excited as hubby and me… LOL 🙂

Instead of Toes in the water A** in the Sand (Zac Brown Band) at this point in time I had Toes in the sand and oh did it feel good!

All the outlets to get off the beach had these little “wash your feet” stations.  It’s a good thing too!

Then we went hunting down dinner.  It was cool because it seemed like once it started getting dark these Tiki torches appeared everywhere.

Hubby & dad, the two handsome men in my life!

We ate dinner at P.F. Chang’s the first night we were there.  Yum!

Sorry for the blur of the photo, I was walking, definitely a no-no in low light setting, but the top of that building that kind of looks like maybe the top of a circus tent, That restaurant is called “Top of Waikiki“.  That is where we ate dinner the next night for our anniversary.  It is a revolving restaurant that allows you a 360 degree view of the city.  It makes a full revolution in 1 hour.

Across from our hotel was the International Market Place.  There were a lot of jewelry vendors as well as t-shirt vendors in this area.  We also found the post office and a massage parlor among many other types of vendors.

This is the view off our balcony at night.

And a view of the water off our balcony.

Then on the street outside the IMP they had local talents.  There were musicians and this guy.  He used cans of spray paint along with newspaper, paper paper, cardboard, tape rings, anything he needed to get the paint to manipulate into what he wanted.  There were 3 of the paintings we really liked, but this is the one we got to bring home and hang on our wall.

Nicole’s Do’s & Don’ts

Do:  Run out into the ocean the minute you get there!  You’ll feel like a kid again!!
Walk around the area and acclimate yourself to your surroundings.
Do write your name in the sand and take a picture.  Then you’ll know you were there (like you could forget).
Do hurry up with the picture of the sand b/c the waves will wash it away fast!!
Do watch the guy do the spray can paintings, it’s awesome!

Don’t: Wear your shoes out into the ocean.  Never a good idea!  Hubby doesn’t hardly go anywhere without socks and he did just fine!!
Make any plans for doing anything when you first get there, you never know if your flights will be on time and you’ll be exhausted.
Don’t be afraid to get wet in what your wearing, the waves are very unexpected.  If you’re worried, change clothes.

So You Think You Can Sleep

So first off, I must tell this because to me it is funny… I actually had people saying to me…. me of all people… don’t forget to take pictures.  Um… if you’ve followed my blog any at all, you’ll notice, I LOVE photos :).  Ok just sayin :).

So to start things off we went and stayed at my parents house Friday night, September the 2nd so we could just leave from there.  It was my mom, dad, grandma, hubs and me going to Hawaii.

Some background details: Back in January my mom was talking to me one morning and this is the way the story goes:

Mom: So your grandma wanted to go to Hawaii.  Apparently your grandpa wouldn’t take her because he was stationed there back during WWII and never felt he needed to go back.  She’s been asking everyone in the family to go with her.  Your Aunt Ellen (actually Great Aunt Ellen) said she’d go with her so then Floyd (AE’s boyfriend) said he’d take her (as in AE) so your grandma backed out not wanting to be a 3rd wheel.  So then AE & Floyd backed out.  So your grandma has been asking other people to take her.  When your dad found out, he volunteered us to take her so I guess this summer your dad and I are taking your grandma to Hawaii.

Me: Well you know, PC and I are going on our 1-year anniversary this year and we’ve been contemplating where to go.  I’ll bet it wouldn’t take much convincing and he’d be willing to go, but only if you guys could wait until our 1-year anniversary since that’s when we’re saving our vacation for……

So needless to say, they agreed, we sat on this all winter and summer long, waiting for September 3rd to come around! And then…………..


We went to the Island of Oahu and stayed right on Waikiki beach, but I won’t jump the gun just yet… back to Friday night the 2nd.

Since our Anniversary was actually Sunday the 4th, we really couldn’t take cake with us to Hawaii…. so we cut into our wedding cake top on Friday night.

So far, it looked good…

It actually held up really well in the freezer too!

The gal who made our cake couldn’t believe we were actually eating year old cake, even though it is “tradition” so she wanted to make us a new one, but I wouldn’t hear of it.

And really it wasn’t bad.  The top part that was next to the icing was a smidge dry, but otherwise, the cake was still very moist.

Yes if you’ll remember back, we had a funfetti cake.  Partially only because they left it to me to decide and no one would help me decide, so I went for something hilarious, such as the nice funfetti 🙂

Then a friend missed our wedding, she had the date off a week so for our 6 Month anniversary she gave us a bottle of wine.  We decided to save it for the 1 year cake-eating ceremony.

Yes we’re drinking wine in Martini glasses, b/c hey, that’s how we roll!

It was so weird sleeping in my old bedroom again. 

And my old bedroom looks nothing like it did when I lived there.  For one my bed was shoved up in the dormer, as opposed to taking up all this precious floor space!

The dormer is that window area there in case you wondered. 

Those photos were done for my 15th birthday.  That was my old show mare, Lena Quixote or Lena or Momma Q

Here is another photo of me showing her way back in the day.  I was probably 12 or 13 here.  Yes you have to wear hats but mine had fallen off.

Then my bathroom was done up in toe shoes because I was huge into Ballet.  Those are even my toe shoes hanging on the towel rack.

And just for good laughing measures, here’s my 7th grade ID.  Yes there is a smiley face sticker on top of my head blocking out my “Lovely” hair!

Before we went to bed I asked again when our flight was, Hubby said 9something in the morning.  So it’s an hour drive or so to the airport, that’s 8 and they say to be there 1-2 hours in advance, yet he was telling me I didn’t have to get up until 6:30 because we weren’t leaving the house until 7:15.  Yeah, do the math, it doesn’t quite add up.  Luckily we woke up at 5 out of sheer excitedness and it turns out we were picking grandma up at 6:15.  Whew, saved by the nerves!