10 Years Strong

*I am posting this after our Anniversary! That’s how some of the info is on here 🙂

Here we are… 10 years into my marriage… And since I did one of these posts about our marriage year, why not do one for our 10 years?


Leap Year starting on a Wednesday.

World Series Champion: Los Angeles Dodgers

Super Bowl Champions:

  • (Super Bowl 54) Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49’ers: 32/20 KC
  • (Super Bowl 55) Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 31/9 TB

NBA Champions: L.A. Lakers

Kentucky Derby Winner: Authentic (more…)

7th Anniversary

Hello. We’ve now been married 7 years. Some days it feels just like yesterday that we were dating and other days it feels like much longer. But the thing is…. we still kind of like each other. (haha)

This year our anniversary fell on Labor Day Monday. It does that from time to time. I guess that’s what happens when you get married Labor Day Weekend. Chances are your anniversary will fall on Labor Day Weekend. Totally cool with that, because that meant we got to spend our Anniversary together. Score.

Our morning started off with breakfast at Jimmy’s Egg. Ever eaten at one of them? You should. They specialize in Breakfast and lunch. This… this is good and totally worth every last calorie laden bite. This is the Carnitas Skillet. I’ve tried and tried to find the description and I’m afraid if I tell you I’ll forget something…. so be prepared…. It’s hash browns, eggs, cheese (Monterey Jack), pulled pork, sausage, bacon (maybe, I can’t remember), topped with tomatoes and onions and just all around YUM!


2nd Year of Wedded Bliss

Boy, this has just been a crazy week.  I’m so glad it’s Friday!  I need a vacation from my last weekend/this week!

Update on Mini Me, he dropped about 200lbs we’re guessing while he was sick and at the vet, but he’s home and so far acting like his normal, usually, self.  That’s a plus!

And I pretty well had posts to share all the way up until today, today included, however because of Wednesday & Thursday’s post our anniversary post had to wait a few days.

Hubby leaves for work earlier than I do, but most days I get up with him, Tuesday was no different, however I beat both of our alarms.  I think I may have been a tad excited!

I was with my mom the day I bought his present, and it was rather large, so I planned on getting it from her at work on Tuesday and then giving it to him in the evening, however Monday when I made mention of that he kind of led on that I would be getting my present Tuesday morning so I had to figure out how to get his present from my parents house to ours.  What better way, than in mom’s HUGE suitcase.  Besides his present was awkward enough to try and wrap that I just told him, that’s the wrapping :).

So once he opened up mom’s suitcase, there was his present, his very own suitcase!  He’s been wanting one for a while because I guess he doesn’t like dragging my giraffe looking suitcase around.  What’s really funny is if we do go somewhere, we go together so he could very easily pass it off as my luggage, but whatevs, now he has a black “manly” suitcase :).  Oh and seeing as though traditional 2nd year gifts are Cotton Balls or China, I stuck Q-tips and cotton balls in the suitcase for him :).

Ignore the way I look, it was 6:30 in the morning and I had just woken up.  But look at the gorgeous wrapping job on my present!

A bit of a story, while we were still dating I told him that someday I wanted a charm bracelet for my anniversaries with a charm every year to represent, him, me, us, or an event in our life, just something meaningful to us as a whole.  Last year “paper” I got this gorgeous charm that looks like a book.  This year being “cotton” or “China” I wondered what I would wind up with… so I got a Bale of Cotton Charm.  How precious is that!

My first charm finally has a buddy!!

He had to go on-line and go to cotton Plantations down in the Southeast who had gift stores.  It’s even filled with real field cotton.  My husband is GREAT!

Now, he’s out of vacation so taking the day off together wouldn’t work, so we both went to work.  Fabulous way to spend your 2nd Anniversary, huh?  Last year at that time we were in Hawaii on Catamaran’s and Parasailing!

When we got off work we both ran home and changed clothes and got in one vehicle and decided to go do a small anniversary photo shoot.  Wow, that was a lot of ands in that sentence.  Anyway, we both put on our outfits we left our reception in and I put on my wedding shoes.  Yup, 2 years later I still fit into the dress, that’s good right?

Now being in Hawaii last year we weren’t able to do a photo shoot holding our wedding photo, unfortunately, so this year we did the shoot holding both photos.  Next year we plan on holding the 2nd year wedding photo and so on until we’re like 150 and senile.  Then we’ll hold the photos and wonder who those beautiful folks are :).

And I put this little collage together of our years together.  The first photo was taken the latter part of September when we kind of became official, then our wedding photo taken on 9/4/10, our vow renewal photo on 9/6/11 and our 2nd anniversary photo taken on 9/4/12.

I’m just trying to figure out how next year’s collage will work with 5 photos, any ideas?  Odd numbers seem a bit difficult!

oh and in this year’s photo, if you wonder why my hand is flat against my leg, I have the remote in my hand trying to find it! ha!  Ok I’ll quit now, happy Friday and hope y’all have a fantabulous weekend!

Dang, When did I get so old?

My 10 year Class reunion is this year.  Really?  I’ve been out of high school for 10 years?

Well yeah, I graduated in 2001.  I’ll always remember the year and the number of years out b/c the World Trade Center attack, 9/11 happened the same year I graduated :(.

Anyway my class has become digital I guess b/c we didn’t get paper invitations.  Nope, everything came via facebook.  I guess that’s what happens when you get older, especially moving into the world of technology.

I remember sitting in grade school, probably 4th or 5th grade maybe and the teacher said one day there wouldn’t be such thing as paper money, we’d all be plastic.  Well I don’t think she was far from the truth there.  Yes we still have paper money and people still have checks… checks… you do remember what those are right?  Yeah I write one every once in a great while.  Sometimes I catch myself up though and write it funny and just laugh.

I’ve been writing checks since I was like 8 years old.  My dad taught me how to write them and I’d write them out for him while driving down the road and he’d sign it sitting at a stop light :).  Then in Home Ec or whatever it’s called these days, we had to learn how to write them and balance a checkbook account in that class.

Anyway back to my class reunion…  I live in a fairly small town, population is 12,000 give or take.  There were 214 in my graduating class.  Not small by some standards but when I went to NYC, they said the dog population in one block of registered dogs was more than my hometown or the other comparison was that many people live in one city block… WOW!

So anyway I’ve been following all the “conversations” on our class fb page about the class reunion.  The class president, her parents own a cattle company.   That was their source of income.  But they also have a lodge somewhere on their place.  Our reunion is going to be held there.  Come on, there really aren’t that many places to hold a reunion in our hometown anyway.  Then on top of it, b/c of the Maple Leaf Parade, that is the weekend that pretty much ALL class reunions happen b/c people are already back in town so they don’t have to make special arrangements to come back.

One person is upset about the location of our reunion.  He’s stated it many times.  And I get that.  You aren’t going to please everyone with every decision made, obviously, especially with 214 people to try and please plus spouses, significant others, etc.  But he’s to the point of being an asshole, pardon my language.  I’m sick of him.  He stated his unhappiness.  Ok that’s all that needs to be said but for over a month now almost on a daily basis he either posts something on the wall or puts down one of the planners for their choices.

Ok first off, them holding it where it is, we’re paying $10/person to get in the door.  That’s it!  Last year’s class reunion was at Memorial Hall and it was $50/person.  Bring on the $10!

But he’s just showing that some people haven’t grown up in 10 years.  I wrote one of the gals an email and said,

hey you’re doing a great job.  Sorry some people are being dumb and showing they haven’t grown up yet.  You aren’t going to please everyone so don’t get down! 

It just makes me feel bad for the class officers who are planning it!  I can sure tell you I don’t want to be on the planning committee, EVER!  I think they should make him on the committee for next time and see just how “easy” it is to plan it, like he seems to think it is!

Ok sorry for this session of ranting but I’ve had enough!  I really want to post something on the fb wall that says grow up, but for now, I’ll just tell the planning committee they’re doing great and to ignore that butthead!


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**This is extremely picture heavy and long.  I’m sorry, I was just trying not to have to break it out as much…**

Monday was a LONG day.

We boarded the bus at around 7:30 in the morning and didn’t get back to our hotel room until about 11:30 pm.  I hate to say it but the driver of the bus drove me nuts with his bad grammar and his constant snorting and swallowing INTO the microphone which was turned up way loud.  I think I found my Tourettes I didn’t know I had… lol j/k… I think.

Being the last “official” day of summer as people refer to Labor Day as the roads were busy swamped with people trying to get to the beach.  Our tour was through the Polynesian Culture Center who I learned was owned by BYU – Hawaii or at least all the BYU students worked there to help with tuition to attend BYU – Hawaii.

We started our day with a tour of Hawaii and were supposed to get back to the Culture center around noonish but because of traffic didn’t get there until just a bit after 2.


9.11 Never Forget!

This is a photo of a photo since I don’t have my scanner available right now (sorry for the quality)

10 years ago today was a Tuesday.  My roommate’s alarm went off like usual on Tuesday mornings way before I had to wake up and she always set it to go off LOUD!  and then she would sleep through it.  I got annoyed and started grumbling at her to shut off her dumb alarm and then put on my shoes and stumbled my way to the bathroom (community bathrooms in the dorm).  As I was walking back to my bedroom to go back to bed I remember hearing Tom Brokaw’s voice very loud booming down the hallway and knew that wasn’t a good sign.  I took off walking down the hallway to figure out where it was coming from and what was wrong.  I walked into a girl named Jessie’s room and turned around and sat on her bed as I was asking her what was happening and just then I witnessed via the tv the second tower being hit.  I seriously thought it was a bad joke so I asked her what was happening as I sat there in a daze watching the TV.  10 years later and I still remember where I was and how I felt about the news.  Where were you?  Do you still remember?

Becoming the Woman of his Dreams

April 13, 2010, I had my atm Fiance answer these questions.  Then asked him if on our 1 year anniversary if he’d answer them again.  Well, we’ve hit the 1 year Mark as of Sunday so it is his turn to blog again and answer these questions.

~How would you describe the woman of your dreams?
Most Simply… YOU!!!!!

~What do you wish your wife understood about you and your longings?
I wish my wife understood how much I truly love her! I wish she understood that I could not make it one day without her! And I wish she understood that I am in this marriage for eternity! (more…)