Dang, When did I get so old?

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My 10 year Class reunion is this year.  Really?  I’ve been out of high school for 10 years?

Well yeah, I graduated in 2001.  I’ll always remember the year and the number of years out b/c the World Trade Center attack, 9/11 happened the same year I graduated :(.

Anyway my class has become digital I guess b/c we didn’t get paper invitations.  Nope, everything came via facebook.  I guess that’s what happens when you get older, especially moving into the world of technology.

I remember sitting in grade school, probably 4th or 5th grade maybe and the teacher said one day there wouldn’t be such thing as paper money, we’d all be plastic.  Well I don’t think she was far from the truth there.  Yes we still have paper money and people still have checks… checks… you do remember what those are right?  Yeah I write one every once in a great while.  Sometimes I catch myself up though and write it funny and just laugh.

I’ve been writing checks since I was like 8 years old.  My dad taught me how to write them and I’d write them out for him while driving down the road and he’d sign it sitting at a stop light :).  Then in Home Ec or whatever it’s called these days, we had to learn how to write them and balance a checkbook account in that class.

Anyway back to my class reunion…  I live in a fairly small town, population is 12,000 give or take.  There were 214 in my graduating class.  Not small by some standards but when I went to NYC, they said the dog population in one block of registered dogs was more than my hometown or the other comparison was that many people live in one city block… WOW!

So anyway I’ve been following all the “conversations” on our class fb page about the class reunion.  The class president, her parents own a cattle company.   That was their source of income.  But they also have a lodge somewhere on their place.  Our reunion is going to be held there.  Come on, there really aren’t that many places to hold a reunion in our hometown anyway.  Then on top of it, b/c of the Maple Leaf Parade, that is the weekend that pretty much ALL class reunions happen b/c people are already back in town so they don’t have to make special arrangements to come back.

One person is upset about the location of our reunion.  He’s stated it many times.  And I get that.  You aren’t going to please everyone with every decision made, obviously, especially with 214 people to try and please plus spouses, significant others, etc.  But he’s to the point of being an asshole, pardon my language.  I’m sick of him.  He stated his unhappiness.  Ok that’s all that needs to be said but for over a month now almost on a daily basis he either posts something on the wall or puts down one of the planners for their choices.

Ok first off, them holding it where it is, we’re paying $10/person to get in the door.  That’s it!  Last year’s class reunion was at Memorial Hall and it was $50/person.  Bring on the $10!

But he’s just showing that some people haven’t grown up in 10 years.  I wrote one of the gals an email and said,

hey you’re doing a great job.  Sorry some people are being dumb and showing they haven’t grown up yet.  You aren’t going to please everyone so don’t get down! 

It just makes me feel bad for the class officers who are planning it!  I can sure tell you I don’t want to be on the planning committee, EVER!  I think they should make him on the committee for next time and see just how “easy” it is to plan it, like he seems to think it is!

Ok sorry for this session of ranting but I’ve had enough!  I really want to post something on the fb wall that says grow up, but for now, I’ll just tell the planning committee they’re doing great and to ignore that butthead!

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  1. I also have my 10 year highschool reunion end of this month and not going because it's $75 a person to go and we have a wedding that weekend. Plus we live in the same city where I went to hs so I see everyone I want to see anyways haha. $10 I would def go though have fun 🙂

  2. Wow, ummm – I graduated HS in 96, so… ummm.. yeah, I've got nuthin'. LOL

    Also – it's weird I know but I still get a paycheck every other week. I dunno why, I never did direct deposit, so I just went with it. LOL

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