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That’s kind of what my speaker has sounded like lately.

And when I say lately, I mean as of like May….

Yes it’s annoying!

So I took my car to the dealership in June to have the oil changed, tires rotated, I had this funky paint peeling dent/ding thing & my speaker was acting up.

My car has 5year/50K mile bumper to bumper warranty.  I’ve only had the car since January and I already have an issue with a speaker… sigh!

Well that day I had plans so I took it, dropped it off and left.  Of course they couldn’t hear the speaker rattle and they’d have to get back to me on the paint.

Then I never heard anything back on the paint.

So August I took it back to them for the speaker & paint issue again.  Again, I couldn’t be there, but I had my mom take it for me this time.  They couldn’t get the friggin speaker to rattle… I think my exact words were @#$%@#$%^#$%^ or something of the sorts :).

But because they couldn’t hear the speaker, they wouldn’t do anything about it.


I heard it… loud and clear.  Even at volume 6 which driving down the road and people in the car talking you can’t hear the radio at 6.  Yes something is wrong!  It’s not like my car is about to expire warranty and I’m trying to get a new free speaker… my car is 7 months old…

So long story short I finally got my car to them in early September for the dadgum speaker rattle.

So here we are about a month and a half later and my speaker still rattles.  My car has set at the dealership more than I have driven it in the last month and a half.

I have however gotten to test drive a lot of really nice cars 🙂

My first rental was a 2011 Chevy HHR, White.


 I didn’t get a picture of it :).  I drove that from Tuesday through Friday.  I really felt like I was driving a minivan but it wasn’t a bad vehicle.

Then the next rental was a 2010 Jeep Patriot.

ignore the bad iPhone photo!

I drove that from the next Tuesday through the following Wednesday.  It wasn’t bad but gas mileage sucked!

I then took my car home Wednesday night and the dumb speaker was rattling again…   So I took it back to them the next day (Thursday) and they gave me a 2011 Hyundai Sonata to drive.

I prefer my Elantra to this car any day of the week although it wasn’t a bad car.

So I took them this car back on Thursday night and they gave me my car back.  I didn’t hear it rattle.  Ah I so enjoyed the peace!  We took my car to Eureka Springs and no rattle!  It was pure heaven after months of that nasty rattle!  Then Monday morning… I heard it.  Damn (pardon my language!)

Here we are 15 days after I got my car back.  I’m now driving a 2010 Dodge Charger.  I have had it 5 days now…

I have been driving it since last Thursday night.  It’s a pretty sweet car!  I told the Service manager that he shouldn’t give people a car that is cooler than theirs to drive!  He told my husband there was a brand new one on the lot and hubs said NO.  When asked why, he said he didn’t want to listen to me moan and groan and complain about the gas mileage.  Hubs knows me way to well 🙂

I should get my car back tonight… hopefully the next time I have to go see the service department, I’m taking them thank you cookies for getting my sanity back 🙂 instead of bugging them about this dumb speaker!

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  1. So sorry you're having problems. I hate any kind of car rumbles or fumbles. Get on those Hyundai service people! You liked your Elantra better than the Sonata? That's interesting.

  2. Oh wow, that totally stinks that you have had to take it in so much!! But at least you are getting to practice driving some fun cars!!

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