DWTS live Perfect 10 Tour, Springfield, MO

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So let’s take a little trip back in time… say what? Well, it kind of is the back story to today’s story. :). Back on Cinco de Mayo, I actually got out of class sort of early, went and got myself dinner (tacos! yum) and came home to watch Dancing with the Stars. Was it the final Results Show? I can’t remember, I just know partial details here.

I had recorded the show since I had night class so I was passing through commercials, however I got caught on commercials once and saw that they were getting ready to do the Dancing with the Stars Live Perfect 10 Tour and they said at a city near you. I live in SW MO… seriously… a City near me, I figured maybe Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Fayetteville, maybe OKC… so I jumped over to the website and checked it out. And that’s when I saw Springfield, MO! WAIT WHAT?!?!

I was so excited I quickly emailed my mom to tell her. She then got on line, looked, asked if I wanted that for my birthday present, and Bam, that’s how I wound up going to Dancing with the Stars Live on Sunday!

We had all the cast listed below except Rumor. She was actually supposed to be with our stop but she hurt her ankle prior to the performance and wasn’t able to make it.


Mom, Dad, Hubby, Abug and I headed to Springfield Sunday evening to go to dinner at Springfield Brewing Company and then we were off to Juanita K Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts to watch the show!!!! The show started at 7:30pm so it was perfect amount of time to drive to Springfield, eat, and then the show!!!

And because it seems like we never take pictures together anymore (which really makes me sad!)

Abug sat on my lap for most of the show, twice she went over to her daddy’s lap. She had the perfect view of the stage and she was just as excited to be there and watch as we were!

There was a question and answer session of the night.

They even brought a lady up from the audience to dance with Keo and Artem. Sasha chose her.

They even made Melissa dance a couple dances.

This was a great show to end the 10th year of Dancing with the Stars. I missed the first season and a spring season (Or was it fall) either 2010 or 2011. It was the one with Cher’s daughter… er son… on because I was in school and working full time and couldn’t keep up with everything. Something had to give.

So… it was my birthday present… when is my birthday. Oh that’s right… it’s today! Happy 32nd birthday to me.

Are you a fan of Dancing with the Stars? Have you had the opportunity to see them live?

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