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So we’ve been creating a list of things to get done tonight for tomorrow: PC needs a hair cut, need to pick up a prescription, I need to shave my legs. Wait, what? Why on earth would I tell you this? Oh wait that’s right, because I’m wearing a white dress tomorrow. Why, beats me! Maybe the same reason I can’t make plans for this weekend, heck, I don’t know. It’s beyond my knowledge! I’m soon to find out though, right?

So anyway to keep my mind off of that I thought I would share the last of the wedding slide show pictures that I haven’t shared yet. I really think after the wedding (which is in 23 days, you’re getting tired of hearing that aren’t you? Sorry!) I’ll share the 4 minute slide show with just photos of PC & me. I love it!

We went and applied for our marriage license. We had to take our drivers License (as long as full, first, middle, last name was on it), Social Security Card and $51 cash. I know that this is regulated by state but is the amount the same in all states? Those of you getting married, what are you having to pay for your marriage license? Then to get a certified copy in the mail of it, it is another $9. I’m thinking they are making money off of us there! In Missouri you have to apply and get married with in 30 days of the date that the license is issued or it is null/void. Then the preacher has 15 days to send it back in. I was talking to a guy at work the other day, our company made it mandatory here a while back that everyone had to supply marriage license’s, Last years tax form and birth certificates for insurance purposes. He found his and it was the original that said if it wasn’t turned back in within 30 days it was null/void. He’s been “married” for 12 years. And I’m pretty sure Missouri isn’t a common law marriage state. He said he uses that to his advantage when he and his wife get into an argument, well we aren’t married. bahahahahaha.

ok on with the pictures 🙂

The thing we ran into finding pictures of PC is most all of them were him and his daughter in the latter years. This sounds mean I know she is a big part of his life but she’ll have her day in the sunshine of marriage some day. This was a slide show of him and me with lots of people. We’ve included her in some, don’t get me wrong, I’m not that mean! Boy I sound mean I think I’ll shut up now! Please know for the record I love this little girl!

This is the grandma I share a birthday with, she is my dad’s mother.

This is from the first day his daughter was at our house and we hit him with silly string 🙂

The last picture I got with all my grandparents. The two on either side of me were married and the two outside ones were married. The inside ones were my grandparents that died 9 months apart from each other. They got married 9/4/54. We are getting married 9/4/10

Here is a 4 generation photo of PC, his grandmother, his dad and his daughter. What’s awesome is there is another of them when Tbug was just born. How great is that!

PC with his Best Man – Noah. They love to play guitar!

Me with my bridesmaid, Evelyn. This was in photography class last fall.

PC, Jordan & Andy. They all grew up in the same church.

This was the night I was playing around with PC’s camera just after we first started dating.

This was last November. PC is riding Aloha.

Here is some of PC’s Army Greens when we were working on a photography project right here on my blog and we got behind and gave up 🙂

This was just after I got my sweatshirt in. I wanted to use it for my Shuttercal page. 🙂

My Palomino. Her name is Blondie.

This was in Kansas City last Christmas when we went up to see family. We were making a fast run to the Plaza when I saw this park and fell in love and whipped into the turning lane. It was so cold standing out there without my coat on but it wasn’t as pretty as my shirts 🙂

And there you have it. Throughout this blog you’ll see all the photos I’ve used for the first slide show. It will play at the beginning of the wedding while the guests are arriving. It’ll loop around on itself and play for an hour. I’m getting so excited! and yet so nervous! This particular slide show I did twice :). You can read about that story here if you want and haven’t already :).

Ok I’ve rambled enough. Hope you have a fabulous Thursday! Don’t forget to ask Prince Charming questions. Ask him why the grass is green, why the sky is blue, why a black cow can eat green grass and gives off white milk… whatever, just ask :). He’ll give you some type of answer. 🙂

Peace, Love, & Questions

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  1. How many children do you think is too many for one couple to have and how many are you and Nicole planning to have?

  2. awww cute pics! yeah the government charge you for everything. name change, marriage licence, death certificate… its not like we don't pay enough taxes as is. lol booo. anyways, best wishes for you two 😀

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