Dunkin’ Donuts and TV Commercials

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So don’t be fooled by the power of suggestion on the TV still. When hubby and I are at home, a lot of time we try to avoid commercials if at all possible, but when you’re traveling that’s not really an option as in this case. Saturday night I saw a commercial for Dunkin’ Donuts. Now we really don’t have Dunkin’ Donuts around home so I asked if we could go and try it out. See what all the hype was about and hubby said sure. Especially since we saw one just down the road from the hotel so it wasn’t like we had to drive all over Memphis to find one. Score!

What was my big lure you might ask?? The Inspired by Baskin Robbins Iced Coffee… for sure.

I got the Cookie Dough version. The guy asked if I wanted sugar and creamer added to it. Sounded like an odd question to me but I decided yes because that’s how I drink my coffee. Yum! Especially after I got the sugar mixed in.

Now the hotel we stayed at had breakfast and I had eaten a little but I really wanted a donut too…..

So shame on me, blame it on Peanut, I got half a dozen Donut Holes. Btw, we had a discussion in class one morning about if these should be called Donuts or Donut Holes and the Donut should be the donut hole since it has the hole in the middle of it. Ah the fun things that 11 year olds say that bring topics of discussion to college students. (No the 11 year old wasn’t in there with us, his grandma is our professor) Hubby ate one and then said, dang I should have gotten a full dozen 🙂

Hubby wasn’t sure about the iced coffee so he got a Sweet Tea for us to share as well. We both liked the Iced Coffee but I drank all of it other than his few sips. The iced tea was really good too. It’s sweet tea of course. Hmmmm no wonder why I’m heavy, oh wait, I’m carrying a baby Peanut 🙂

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