We Lost Her

If you remember here recently I asked for some prayers for my husband’s grandmother. At that time we weren’t sure if she’d ever leave the hospital, but she did. She pulled through and they released her. It actually got to the point she’d have good days where you knew she knew who you were and then there were days like in the hospital when she’d look at you dazed and confused.

About 6 months ago when she was in the hospital she signed a DNR. That right there was difficult for most of the family to understand, but she knew her place with God and was ready to go home when he called. She didn’t want to stay alive on machines only.

June 29, a few friends came up from Texas. Their first goal was to see Grandma W. Hubby and I ran in to town to see both Gary and Ruthie, but also Grandma W. The whole time we were there she never opened her eyes and she had very difficult shallow breathing. The nurses told the family to prepare for her to not make it through the night. She did.

Hubby’s cousin was coming down from Nebraska the next day. I’ve always heard that when people are preparing to leave this earth that there are people they are expecting/waiting to see. Once they’ve seen them, then they move on. I whole heartedly believe that.

My Grandpa was alive until I made it to Southern Oklahoma to see him. I remember driving down Father’s Day weekend 2008. I stayed with him and talked to him. He didn’t know I was there but they all said he did. My dad went down with me. My mom originally didn’t want me to see him like that because she didn’t want me to remember him like that. I told my mom, just stop me. I don’t usually speak that way, but I was going no matter what. I’m so glad I did and while I remember how he looked, that’s not how I remember him. I left around 7pm that night to make 5 1/2 hour trek back home. My mom called at 2am to say he’d passed away. I believe he was waiting to see me. And while maybe that sounds a little conceited… I still believe that with my whole heart.


Johnny Carino’s – Joplin, MO

Two Monday’s ago, wow that seems like a long time ago! Tbug had a school Christmas program.  First off I should mention she goes to public school now so with knowing everything about public schools and God being removed, it surprised and shocked me with the mention of Jesus Christ in some of their songs.  Way to go middle town America school districts!  I love it!

Anyway, moving on… on our way home from her school program we decided we needed to grab a bite to eat because it would be really late when we got home anyway.  Hubby decided we should go to Johnny Carino’s since we’d both been craving Italian.

On Monday nights they have half price family sized meals.  How cool is that?!?!  Half price Family sized Appetizers too.  Even better!

I also saw this… holy cow, I so need to try this sometime!


STILL Amazed

So all growing up you hear of stories of people marrying their grade school and high school sweethearts and of course being a hopeless romantic I used to always wish that would happen. As time went on it became more and more apparent that it wouldn’t happen, but that’s ok, I knew that God had some great plan for me, and I think part of it was to teach me patience… not my strongest suit. So I dated one guy after another and things wouldn’t work out for whatever reason (and don’t be fooled, there weren’t all that many, I usually had length over numbers…) and again as you’ve probably read before I was in a relationship with a guy for over 5 years. That came to an end this last summer. Again God had something great in store but who knew… When you think about this next thought, keep in mind how I started this…


Quote Junkie

Sometimes I am a “Quote Junkie”. I read a quote, I love it, I write it down and then comes the time of… what do I do with it now… LOL. But I still love them and still write them down when I find one that I like. Even if I can’t see how it will make sense in my life, I still have to write it down if it inspires me for some reason.

~True LOVE is an acceptance of all that is, has been, will be and will not be.

This is a true phrase. People maybe should think about it before they get married. See if they can do that. Maybe not it’s still a good phrase either way.

They can be just quotes, they can be scriptures, whatever hits me that I read that I really like. Nothing in particular gets written down, I don’t go hunting the same types or kinds. They just hit me when I read them and that’s what I find.

~Life isn’t about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain.

This is a lot like the one that says something about don’t bring back a well preserved body but bring in one that’s all skidded up and come in sideways etc and say man what a ride… LOL