Impromptu Cookie Decorating and a Chiefs Game

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Sunday was a Chiefs game… did you know that? The high for the day was like 14 degrees with a WNW wind at 5mph. Yuck! We were supposed to go to the game. In fact, we bought a ticket for Tbug and my MIL bought tickets for her and my nephew. It snowed at home the day before. It was frigid. Needless to say, we didn’t go.

Instead we went over to Deb and Grady’s house to watch the game. That morning though we decorated our Gingerbread Houses and had an impromptu Cookie decorating session. I made the cookies, Tbug made the icing, and they all decorated. I cleaned the kitchen. I guess I got the “fun” job….

At Deb and Grady’s we had cookies (obviously) Harry & David’s dip, chips, wings, and shrimp. Not to bad for a quickly thrown together  meal. Grady had to have surgery on Monday so he wasn’t allowed to go to the game. The game was good but the second half we started giving the game away. We thought for a minute we were going to have to turn the game off. We didn’t want to get Grady to riled up… But it was a fun day and if we were going to lose, at least we watched it from the comfort of a warm house!

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