Meet Thumper and Ginger

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Yup, we’re going to try our hand at rabbits. Wish us luck!


Last week (yeah, this hasn’t been going on for very long) was Tbug’s Spring Break. She got to spend most of it with us. On Thursday, for whatever reason, Abug started in on wanting a bunny. So Friday afternoon we went and got a few things to start working on rabbit cages. I used to have bunnies when I was younger and thought I still had the cage, but couldn’t find it. Must have been hauled off as scrap a while back, I don’t know.So we needed to build a place for this bunny to live. We spent Friday afternoon (a couple hours), Saturday afternoon (a couple hours), and Sunday morning (again, a couple hours) building this bunny cage. Well, hubby decided that we needed not 1 but 2 bunnies. Abug wanted a girl bunny so we decided Tbug needed a boy bunny.

Then it was time for the girls to decide what to name their bunnies. Tbug thought she’d name her bunny either Thumper or Bambi. I laughed and said, you know, Bambi was a deer. She said, yes but I don’t see us getting a pet deer anytime soon. Touché.

Abug wasn’t sure what she’d name hers. She finally came up with the name on our way home yesterday after getting both rabbits.

Abug wanted a white bunny. Tbug really didn’t care. These are the type of bunnies I had when I was younger. I got mine because my cousin raised them. How I actually got mine, I don’t remember, but I know they came from Krystal.

Anyway, we are now the proud owners of 2 rabbits. They are New Zealand crossed with California (I think).

So I’m going to say this again… Wish Us Luck!! We might need it!!

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