April 7th On The Dot

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Riiiiiiinnnnnngggggg… went to the telephone.

In a groggy state, I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what that sound was.  I halfway stirred and rolled over when the phone rang again.


Finally, I woke up enough to realize it was the telephone.

“Honey, phone,” hoping he’d grab the phone since it was on his side of the bed.


“Honey!  Phone.”  As I kicked at his side of the bed only to find thin air.

I pushed myself up to a half-sitting position looking for hubs only to realize he wasn’t there; he went turkey hunting with TB and Pokey.  (Youth Season).


Crap, where’s the phone?  Then the answering machine picked up.  (Yes, we still have a home phone, I know that is kind of unheard of these days…)

Dad, “Baby on the ground.  You better get up and head this direction.”

I jumped out of bed to find the phone and pick it up trying to talk to him.  Dial tone.

Dang, it.  So I started to put on my clothes to head to my parent’s house when my cell phone went off.  I grabbed it and put it on speaker hoping I wouldn’t lose signal, “hello?”

“We got a baby on the ground.”

“Ok, I’m headed that direction.”

I shot a text to Tbug’s mom to pass on to Tbug real quick and started trying to call hubby, knowing I shouldn’t because they were out hunting.  Finally, I got a text back from him; told him what was up and that I was headed to my parents, grabbed my keys and I was out the door.

7:15 am Sunday Morning.

When I showed up to mom and dad’s, dad was walking in from doing the chores.  We chatted a few and went into the house so he could grab his cup of coffee, then we headed out into the field to push momma and baby up to the holding pens.

After a few minutes of stirring Sis up and the baby, we decided to catch Munchkin and the rest would follow him up.  We took the other 3 (Blondie, Munchkin, and Cricket) into the round pen and then pushed Sis and baby up into the holding pen so we could decide what to do with them.

Once we had Sis up in the pens, we realized we had a stud colt.  This was the first chance we got to check the baby out.

We stood there a while, making sure he had nursed and made sure everything seemed fine, then we headed into the house for some breakfast.  Once we were finished with breakfast we went back out to check on momma and baby again.  About that time Hubby, Pokey, and TB showed up to check out the baby.

This makes baby number 2 on the farm.  Mini Me is throwing knock out babies too!  Not sure what we’re going to call him (barn name) yet but we have a fairly good idea what his registered name will be.

Poor Miss Pi isn’t the baby on the place anymore.  But my isn’t she filling out nicely!  After we doctored (routine shots) momma and baby, dad turned the rest of the horses out.  Pi sure was interested in figuring out who the new kid on the block was; it was cute!

And after it was all said and done, hubby went out to watch Sis and the baby.  This baby is 5 years in the making for hubby.  Long story but short version, it took forever to get her papers in our names, but now she’s ours and he finally has a baby out of her.

And of course, Mudflap and Tulsa needed a little attention too.  They were a bit jealous :).

We have one more mare that has the potential to foal closer to June.  The cool thing about this baby though, dad said the calendar due date was April 7th and the baby was born April 7th.

Hey dad, when’s the next one due?!?!  Wanna bet? ha.

Happy Monday.

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10 thoughts on “April 7th On The Dot

  1. Awww, what a cute baby! When I started reading this post, I admit I wasn't expecting a foal. Haha! I was like “who was expecting a baby?” So I wonder if horses are more likely to deliver on their due dates than humans…I know I never do. *Sigh*

  2. adorable! And funny about the phone I often have trouble waking up to the phone fav line is “did I wake you ?” Nope I had to get up to make the ringing stop

  3. Such cute babies! So wish we lived closer. We have a lot of babies around the barn, but they are all TWH.. and let's just say I am a huge quarter horse fan 😀

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