I now have a High Schooler!!!! ACK!

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Oh dear…. Yesterday I learned just how old I am. My oldest is going to be in HIGH SCHOOL next year. Say what? She was just 6, right? Well she turned 14 this year. Holy cow!

Yesterday was her 8th Grade Promotion. They had a very nice ceremony. The kids wore their class t-shirts and jeans. They entered kind of like you would at graduation. There was a slide show of baby photos and then recent photos of them. Then the band, orchestra, and choir performed. Finally they got certificates and well wishes on to the next phase of their school career.

It kind of freaked me out when I realized that she’s the class of 2021. That just so happens to be exactly 20 years after we graduated (hubby and me). We were class of 2001. I was 19 the year Tbug was born. I was 17 when I graduated. That means I’ll be 37 when she graduates. HOLY CRAP! I think I’m getting old. Or she is. Or we all are. I can’t believe she’ll be in high school next year.

Don’t mind me while I sit over here in the corner and cry my eyes out.

So this year, one of the milestones in her life that I know of was she had her first boyfriend. Her mom asked her what that meant because they never hung out, they just talked at school, on the phone, and via text, but still… remember those first crushes and those first boyfriends.

He broke up with her recently because they, “had nothing in common.” I guess she went home and cried her eyes out for 2 hours and decided it wasn’t worth it and she wasn’t going to date anyone for a long time. Unfortunately the 3 times of the year that relationships in school end are Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Summer Vacation so I kind of anticipated it happening but hoped for the better. Sadly it came true. Although that might make her daddy a little happier.

She goes to a fairly small school so I hope she doesn’t settle. I keep telling her don’t settle and don’t let boys get in the way of your future. She wants to go to vet school so she has a lot of years ahead of her. I just keep telling her not to let those dumb boys get in the way of her future.

Anyway, now I have a freshman on my hands. I think I’m seriously going to go curl up in a ball and cry a bit. I should have said bawl a bit… haha.

Your dad and I are so proud of you. Here’s to a great 4 years of high school. Make the most of it! The rest will follow! You’ll do great and we’ll be here every step of the way. I’m also good at proofreading/writing English papers. Keep that in mind :). haha

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