The Numbers of my Life

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I’m so happy and lucky for all my wonderful readers both new and old.  My husband has surgery on his leg today.  They are removing pins from his leg hoping that makes his leg better.  I hate when he’s hurting!  But today I thought I would leave you with 20 interesting or not so interesting facts about yours truly, that way if you are new, you’ll pick up some fun things about me 🙂
If any of you choose to do this, please let me know I’d love to come read 🙂
The number of children my parents have.

Twenty Seven
My current age 
The number of countries I’ve been in 
(The US & Costa Rica)

Ninety Four
The score I received on my driving test
The number of rings I wear on my fingers 
(a double horse head from my grandma, and my wedding & engagement ring.)

Seventy Eight
The number of shot glasses I have from around the country & world 
The number of vehicles I’ve owned
(’94 Ford Ranger, ’99Ford ZX2, ’04 Ford Mustang, ’11 Hyundai Elantra)

The number of Painted Ponies I own. 
The age I was when I started Kindergarten
The number of months it has been since my first date with my husband.

 The number of years I’ve been out of College
(graduated May 13, 2005)
Twenty Six
The number of sheep I currently have 


The number of months in my engagement to my husband
The number of Harley Davidson double shot dealership shot glasses I have 
 The age of my {step}daughter

Thirty Five
The length in inches of inseam I have to have on my pants so they aren’t high waters. 


The time span (years) from the last time my husband and I saw each other in high school to meeting back up for our first date  
 Three Hundred Sixty Five
The number of days in a year I wake up thanking God for my life
(Even when I do wake up on the wrong side of the bed)

My high school class reunion
(I can’t believe I’ve been out of high school 10 years!) 
Seventy One
The number of minutes I spent working on this list.

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