Looking Back

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Have you ever used the app Timehop? No one is telling me to tell you about this… I just am because… It’s a lot of fun to look back and see everything you’ve been through. I have mine hooked up with my Instagram account, Twitter account and Facebook account. Now there are parts of my life it reminds me of that are less than steller (like the excoworker talking about my boobs in a picture.. don’t ask) but for the most part it’s a great reminder of the past. So here was my June 9 for the past few years…

The weather 1 Year ago was 70˚F and it was a Monday.

Abug baby loves cheeseburgers!! #junebaby

So I spent a lot of time pinning stuff last year, mainly for maternity photoshoots. I was soooooo into them and yet I didn’t get much of one because of problems in the hayfield :(. Oh well. I’m over it!
So if you want to see all the maternity shots I pinned, go here and here.

I was also into food. (For all my food try here, here, here, here, and here)

Fiesta Rice | Plain Chicken – https://www.pinterest.com/pin/160229699217251791/

Katie did these adorable things (although she said it was a fail) but I attempted it and was pleasantly pleased! (pin)

When you can’t do much because you’re 9+ months pregnant you sit on a computer a lot….

Year 2, weather 81˚F, Sunday.

#lunch #yum

Runnin for the #skinnies #c25k

And we’re ready for year 3. 89˚F, Saturday.

Marli’s going for a ride.

Hi Mom

My view today – this morning. Flat tire on square baler… Oy!! #photoadayjune

I would say that’s a bald tire

JohnBoat Cafe in Duenweg

Dang… Lol

Gotta love a good Oxyacetylene torch!!

Movin hay for my uncle

Houston we have a flat… Bummer!!

Headed to the house

Wow, this time of year revolves around tractors and farming doesn’t it… lol.

4 Years Ago, 91˚F, Thursday.

And News from 1934 – I didn’t add this, they add it for fun… 81 years ago, Donald Duck debuted in The Wise Little Hen.

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