Let There Be Light… Coronavirus Day 41

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The weather is getting nicer outside. It makes it perfect weather to go outside and dance in the water hose. Oh, wait, no, I’m not 5. We have well water and that stuff is cold. If you’ve never played in well water, it’s friggin cold. I got the opportunity to hold the water hose while the 5-year-old in my house danced in the water hose water. It was her idea, not mine, just for the record.

Hubby was recharging the AC unit so that it could keep up cooling the house. After he got that done, the next thing I knew he got out the drill and was removing boards from the side of the house.

Now if you remember, a year and a half ago or so we bought our house. Then we demo’ed it. We got the inside done. The outside is another story. At some point, we need to reside and put up guttering. I also have 2 bare wooden spots in the siding. One is on the front side of the house where they had a window AC unit built into the side of the house. I dunno. We covered up the hole, but the wood shows in the white siding. The other is on the backside of the house where we made the bathroom window smaller.

We went from a real window to glass blocks window. I don’t want someone looking in on me while I’m showering… Anyway, when we initially put the “window” in, I had a wooden board up where the blocks should go. It took 6 months or so to get the blocks actually put in. Since then, while I have had the glass blocks, you can’t see any outside light because the board is still there… that is until tonight.

Hubby finally decided to take the board down, coverup the area that should have siding with the board… and just like that… there is now outside light in my bathroom. It’s kind of weird. We’ve lived here since last June-ish and all the sudden, tonight I have light in my bathroom that isn’t artificial. hmmm…

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