Extreme Fireworks!

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The guys waiting to set off fireworks

As I was walking across the yard, I saw this sky. I promise it wasn’t because of smoke from fireworks because the first picture is facing the west and the second picture is facing east.

And then it was time for the show!

This was our dive club fourth of July (Independence Day) party. There was a lot of good food, good fun, and good friends! Tbug got to attend this year. She enjoyed it. No one else exists when Tbug is around… so Tbug got to be Abug’s bed. I always worry people think that I expect Tbug to watch Abug, that that is not the case, ever. Every once in a while I’ll ask her to help, but usually I try never to make Tbug feel like she HAS to watch her little sister. Abug on the other hand has a different agenda.

We had enough fireworks for almost a constant fireworks display for 45 minutes. Hey we know how to go “extreme” :). And that concludes our Independence Day festivities for 2016.

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