Hay Day! Hay Day!

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Saturday was a busy day!  Oy!

All we did was run run run.  But… toward the end of the day, at least the “running” was on the tractor!

My uncle was baling hay down at my grandparents so we jumped on dad’s tractor and went and moved the bales into rows so that when UJ goes to load them up and take them to the house, all the running has been done.  Easy as pie :). haha.

We put the bales in 6 bale rows since that’s what the hay trailer carries :).

On a bit of a side note, I overheard my grandma say one time she didn’t have a camera.  At my parent’s house I still had my old Nikon camera {Nikon Coolpix 2500}.  I decided to grab it and check it out and if it still worked, I decided to give it to my grandma.  I charged up the battery and took it down to the hayfield with me to try it out.

What do you think?  These are all straight out of the camera… no editing.

If I got paid for the hours I sat riding around on the fender of dad’s tractor, I’d be a millionaire!

No the tractor wasn’t moving, we were waiting on my uncle to finish baling 🙂

Think my grandma will be happy with this camera?  It’s very easy to use so I hope she likes it!!!  Happy Hay Season!!

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