Memorial Weekend 2016

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I’ll apologize now. This will be photo heavy but I’m just going to do Memorial Weekend in one post and get it done. So Be Warned! 🙂

Our Memorial Weekend really started Thursday night. Tbug had a softball game… yes, she’s playing softball now. So we went over to her game and then she just came home with us because we planned on going to the lake. I have no idea if they won or lost or even kept score… But I can tell you that Tbug went around all the bases and made it home as if they were scoring a point. She even slid in to home instead of doing a summersault like she did earlier in the season. I guess you can take the girl out of cheer but you can’t take cheer out of the girl.

After the game we went to Jared and Karen’s house to borrow Karen’s truck (again, she needs that jalopy) and their camper. There was a tire that was starting to go bad so the guys decided to change it. We made it about 5-10 miles from their house and the tire blew. So I called Jared and asked him to come rescue us. I might also mention this was close to 10 or 11 at night.

I should also mention that when we got there to pick up the camper, we went in to Deb and Grady’s house to say hi to them. They were watching the National Spelling Bee that was on ESPN. Grady flipped over looking for baseball scores. We made so much fun of them until we all realized that we were hooked on it too. There were words I’d never even heard of that these 5th graders were spelling and I just graduated with my Masters in English. CRAZY!

Friday we packed up and headed to the lake. My MIL came over to our house to bake cookies before she came down as her oven still isn’t working.

We were all sitting around when Chris and Anissa asked if we wanted to go for a boat ride. We said sure, so a bunch of us piled on their pontoon and away we went. We were headed to the Marina to feed the fish.

When we bought the fish food, Abug thought it might be fun to eat the fish food. She didn’t, we stopped her but she tried…

I just wanted to make sure you knew I was there… LOL

The fish weren’t really coming up to eat so we decided to just go boating around.

Around 5:30 or so we headed back to camp for dinner. We had Grilled Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with all the sides everyone brought.

Abug is a flirt… She said CL is her boyfriend…. Oh dear!

Saturday morning hubby was up before I was and made breakfast burritos for anyone who wanted one. Then we had a large commotion at camp. Once that was all settled Tbug, Abug, and I walked down to the lake where we dive. Hubby was already in the water and they were getting ready to do open water check out dives and refresher dives. Hubby and Lee did the refreshers while the instructors did the check out dives.

They didn’t have enough regulators so they borrowed Tbug’s. Because of that she and I jumped on Kayaks with Abug and thought we’d kayak the cove.

I handed Tbug my underwater camera that I got for Mother’s Day and asked her to take a picture of Abug and me. This was the last picture my camera took for quite a few hours. Why you ask? Tbug dropped it in the water while giving it back to me. I was coming close to her and said, don’t let my kayak hit yours. Then my kayak hit hers and she went to shove me off and dropped my camera between the two kayaks. I told her to stay right there were we were and I went to shore to grab a diver. I found Kim who is Solo certified and asked her to go look. I was like out there where Tbug is, only to realize Tbug didn’t stay where she was supposed to and so I couldn’t even tell her.

The other funny thing is everyone thought it was my big camera that was dropped. Kim had no luck so hubby and Doug went out and looked for it, again to no luck. I’m not sure who all else looked for it.

After classes were over, Deb went for a dive with Tbug and me. When we came up Dan was done with a student. I asked him what he was doing and he said nothing, but I’m getting ready to do something… what am I going to do. I asked if he’d be willing to go on a hunt with me for my camera. Deb said she’d go too. We surface swam to the buoy’s, went down and Dan did the navigation. We went 3 wide. The three of us found the camera in 6 minutes. Deb found it. It was hanging out at 54 feet at 57˚F. Brrrr! Then for our 15 foot safety stop, we built fish houses.

After we found the camera (which hubby was happy about and so was I) we went back up to camp to work on dinner. Dinner was smoked chicken and grilled potatoes and onions.

Abug’s second boyfriend…

So every year at Memorial Weekend Deb has a birthday… This year it was the week before. But we had a “birthday” party for her and KS, who turned 16. Woohooo.

I really wanted to go get a sunset photo, but I forgot until it was too late and I missed my opportunity.

Sunday morning there was fog that was hovered over the lake.

Hubby, Chris, and Grady made breakfast burritos for camp again.

Then for some reason I got stuck walking to the dive site again. This dude was there to put sand into the swim area and then for some reason they left it there. It was annoying because on a busy weekend it took up about 8 parking spots. I’m not sure why they left it and the Park Ranger didn’t know either.

Sunday we went out on the Kayaks again. Abug LOVED it. And I can brag that my camera didn’t wind up in the cove on Sunday!

Jared and Karen came down to see us. I guess Sisco wanted to go out on the Kayak also.

The cove was merky because of student classes, but we took Tbug out for a dive. There was a large group of us that went. I didn’t get lost because I kept up with Tbug’s pink fins. Hubby got lost. Although he might have gotten lost on purpose… I don’t know.

The flower garden (that we put down there).

Then we had a large commotion happen again. We’ll just leave it at that…

Afternoon we headed back to camp to work on getting dinner ready. We had leftover smoked chicken and potatoes and onions. Then we added in squash and zucchini and whatever else we brought in side dish wise.

And I caught people napping. Boy, I wish I’d have taken a nap… just saying.

Hubby got stoned. ha! Just kidding. Maybe he got rocked. ha! Poor hubby… he got picked on while he napped…

Then he woke up and it was time to finish up cooking dinner.

Who doesn’t play with their food?

Then a few of the kiddos went to the park. Eventually Sisco and Pete came with us. Pete wasn’t interested in the playground equipment but Sisco had fun.

Monday morning was Memorial Day. A day that we honor those who have died protecting our country. The mornings plans were to get up and head into Garfield, Arkansas, for a benefit breakfast for NEBCO (Northeast Benton County Fire and Ambulance).

In 2014, we took a group of 24 people for breakfast. This year we blew that number out of the water with 32. I wonder what the next trip will take….

Some of the Mercy flight crew (not sure where from) came in for the event. Jared seemed to know them (I’m not sure but he talked that way). The opened up the life flight helicopters for the kids to sit in and for the rest of us to see.

And that was Memorial Weekend!

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