DWTS live Perfect 10 Tour, Springfield, MO

So let’s take a little trip back in time… say what? Well, it kind of is the back story to today’s story. :). Back on Cinco de Mayo, I actually got out of class sort of early, went and got myself dinner (tacos! yum) and came home to watch Dancing with the Stars. Was it the final Results Show? I can’t remember, I just know partial details here.

I had recorded the show since I had night class so I was passing through commercials, however I got caught on commercials once and saw that they were getting ready to do the Dancing with the Stars Live Perfect 10 Tour and they said at a city near you. I live in SW MO… seriously… a City near me, I figured maybe Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Fayetteville, maybe OKC… so I jumped over to the website and checked it out. And that’s when I saw Springfield, MO! WAIT WHAT?!?!

I was so excited I quickly emailed my mom to tell her. She then got on line, looked, asked if I wanted that for my birthday present, and Bam, that’s how I wound up going to Dancing with the Stars Live on Sunday!

We had all the cast listed below except Rumor. She was actually supposed to be with our stop but she hurt her ankle prior to the performance and wasn’t able to make it.


Mom, Dad, Hubby, Abug and I headed to Springfield Sunday evening to go to dinner at Springfield Brewing Company and then we were off to Juanita K Hammons Hall for the Performing Arts to watch the show!!!! The show started at 7:30pm so it was perfect amount of time to drive to Springfield, eat, and then the show!!!


Guard Shack

This is the last Tuesday of the month which means that EmmyMom has her mem up… but I still have the rest of this week so come Friday I’ll probably have that post up. Instead let’s focus on last Tuesday.

Last Tuesday night hubby went over to the Guard Shack to help out with a KMO barrel racing event that was going on. I really wanted Tacos so I told him that Abug and I would go as long as we could stop by Gringo’s and get dinner. Hey I drive a hard bargain!

When we got there, Abug and I ate dinner before I’d let her play. I was afraid if I didn’t make her eat first, she wouldn’t eat and then she’d be hungry, although the kid knows how to and loves to eat. So maybe… just maybe, she’d have eaten…

Moo took her once she got the chance and they played with the horse. Abug was scared of this horse, why I’m not sure because she’s been on it before. Finally by the end though, Moo had her on the horse by herself. It’s not like it is a real horse anyway…


Our Monday that Was

Recently I have shared with you Wednesday nights, Thursday evenings, Friday day, Friday night, Saturday, Sunday, so why not keep with the theme and share last Monday with you. Is it anything spectacular, no, probably not but it is what it is. That and last night I got to see Dancing with the Stars live and I’m too tired to think of anything else to blog about… so you get last Monday.

Mom woke me up at 7:30am. Yes, that’s not early, but when you haven’t slept much because you can’t get comfortable and your husband snores, you make up for it in the mornings. Abug and I thought it would be fun to go with mom to Springfield shopping so she woke up around 9 while I was fixing my hair. I put on CMT because she loves listening to music and that entertained her while I was getting ready.

Mom came and got us and we were finally off. Then it was time to go shopping. While mom was trying clothes on, Abug was entertaining herself in the mirror. (Don’t worry I was there with her, she wasn’t just left in front of the mirror ;)).

After we went shopping we went to lunch. One of my favorite places to eat is Zio’s. There are so many good places to eat in Springfield and we always migrate to Zio’s. We were being mean sending hubby pictures and messages that that is what we were having for lunch. I jokingly told my mom I should take hubby some of the Tomato Florentine soup home for dinner. Then I said I needed to get 2 so that I’d have something to eat too…. Mom took me serious and ordered Chicken Parmesan, 2 cups of soup and Tiramisu for dessert for us. Thank you mom, we love you!!


Our Story Part 31 {new}

Back in 2010 just before I got married I was sitting around one day and started thinking about the journey that hubby and I had been on that lead us to getting engaged and everything that lead to that day that we said “I Do.” As I thought of the story I started writing it out. If you’re new to these parts, you’ll definitely want to get caught up on the back story and click on this link will take you to a post containing all the previous links. Then one day earlier this year I read back through those posts and started thinking again. The more that came to me, the more I wanted to get this story written out so I didn’t forget.

So here’s the next step in the story of my husband and me. This post has been sitting around for a while waiting for me to hit publish, and today marks the 6th anniversary of my husband and my first date. That seemed like the best time to hit publish.


PC proposed to me at 10:15 that morning. He stuck around for about 20 minutes or so and then eventually went back out to his truck. Once noon rolled around I went out and met him so that we could go to lunch together. He made the comment that he had contacted my boss to plan this whole event out so that I wouldn’t get in trouble. He also said he wished he’d have thought to ask for me to have the rest of the day off. He also thought it would have been nice if my boss would have just told me to take the rest of the day off, but he didn’t so we just went to lunch.


A Saturday Post: The Lake

Let’s just state for the record… if you don’t like pictures, today’s post is definitely not for you… we’re looking at 33. It’s just a days worth of photos and truthfully, there were more, I weeded it down to 33. FYI over. Now let the post commence.

Whoever heard of or thought of getting up before 7am on a Saturday is out of their mind. This is probably why I didn’t marry a farmer… lol :). This last weekend a huge group of our friends went down to the lake. Hubby and I decided we’d meet up with them Saturday for a day at the lake. (the rest were camping!!) Abug woke up her cheery normal self and was eating animal crackers to start her day. This kids momma didn’t raise a fool. lol :). Then on the drive down she took in a little snooze. Again, her momma didn’t raise a fool!


A Fairing we will go…

If there’s one thing I did when I was growing up, it was growing up at the county fair (and the district fair and the state fair….).  I started showing sheep the summer I turned 15 and ended my showing career when I was 21, the oldest you can be (in FFA it is 4 Novembers after you graduate).

This last week was our county fair. On Thursday Abug and I met up with a friend for lunch and some other friends stopped by to talk to us. They asked if I had been to the fair yet and I told them no. I think it shocked everyone. Hubby and I did have plans to go, just haying season took over as did life and so our plans were to go out Friday night. And that’s just what we did.

Last year Abug was able to experience the fair at like 2 weeks old. Everyone thought we were crazy for having her out there, but like I said, I grew up in these show barns so it didn’t seem all that crazy to me. I was a fair kid.

I’m not going to lie, I sure hope she’s involved in showing and continuing the 6th generation farmer and on to future generations. I guess only time will tell.

These two girls are roughly 4 months apart with Abug the oldest. The last time they were together PN was a few weeks old and both girls were sacked out experiencing their first “Play date” ha! And now, good luck getting them to both look at the camera, little lone smile!


Farm Shows & Fried Chicken

You would think I might do these posts in a specific order… you know by given date or whatever, but that’s just not my style. So yesterday you learned what a Thursday evening looks like for us, then I promised you Friday evening but instead let’s jump forward to Sunday shall we? It only sounds fitting… I don’t know why, ask me later why it sounds fitting but for now just go with it.

Sunday we made plans to go to the Four State Farm Show with my dad. It’s a yearly farm show that is held over in Pittsburg, Kansas.

Last year Abug was only a couple weeks old so she wasn’t able to join us, but this year, this year she’s a year old so that didn’t stop her or us! I have started making it a point to get pictures of her “driving” all these different things… I think it started with my dad’s new truck back the end of May. So we had to climb all over all the new farm machinery. We “drove” tractors, combines, sprayers, lawnmowers. There was nothing off limits.


Hay Season 2015: Sneak Peek

I have been fighting some kind of crap since Father’s Day Weekend which was also the Safari Hunt at the lake with our scuba diving which was also a weekend I was supposed to get night/limited visibility diving certified. That last thing didn’t happen, I couldn’t dive.

Tuesday I went to Urgent Care to find out what was wrong. 4 weeks plus I lost hearing in my left ear. So I finally gave in and went. I have bronchitis, an ear infection and a sinus infection. I guess if you’re going to go, you should go all out!

Anyway a couple weeks ago my uncle was baling hay. Dad was going to help but wound up needing to go pick up square bales in a close by field so I volunteered to go help Jackie (no that’s not my uncle’s name, it’s Jack but I have called him Jackie for so long he’s Jackie).

When I got to my grandma’s I couldn’t get dad’s tractor started. Dang it. A few minutes prior I had go into my parents house to steal a long sleeved, light weight shirt out of dad’s closet because I had a sunburn I didn’t want to burn more and they were pulling back in the driveway. So I called dad and asked him what the trick was. He came down and the tractor immediately started. Isn’t that the way it goes?

I took off for the field. Apparently in the process I dropped the stand for the rake. Jackie stopped to pick it up and later gave me fits.


Hay Season 2015: Field Fires

Okay… I guess I’ll share the story. It really isn’t much of a story but….

Sunday evening I had just gotten back from taking Tbug to her mom’s house. I left Abug sitting in her chair up by my house with my mom and went down to help dad with the tractor. Earlier I had been on the big tractor raking and just as I got done with the last row the tractor started acting funny so I shut it down. Turns out a line that runs hydraulic fluid broke and I drained the tractor of hydraulic fluid. #fail. But I shut it down the minute I realized something wasn’t completely right so I had that going for me.

So I was helping dad tear the line off to fix it and I start hearing a horrible metal clanging sound over in the field where hubby was on the other tractor baling. About that time I heard dad say shut it down you’re going to catch it on fire and then the fire broke out. Ugh! I ran to the edge of the field to see what was going on and then took off running (in flip flops, shame) toward the house to get a shovel. I wasn’t about to be able to put the fire out in flip flops.. this is why you farm in boots….


Lazy Dawg Days of Summer

Let’s set the record strait, yes, we have a swimming pool. No we didn’t open it this year. There’s lots of reasons why that I don’t feel like going into right now, but yes, yes we do have a swimming pool.

Sunday the weather was sunny and hot! Hubby, Tbug, Abug and I went to run a few errands and then come back to the house so hubby could help work on the tractor and the baler (2 separate things… not one thing involving both… sadly!)

I figured that Abug would LOVE to play outside so I went and got a horse watering trough that we actually used for sheep and filled it with water for Tbug and Abug to play in. It really was the perfect size pool for Abug. She can stand up and sit down and stand up and sit down and so on… you get the point. I got Tbug a chair and said either A) sit in the chair and stick your feet in or B) get in and play with her.

Once we got them all set up in the shade, I left them up by the house where dad and hubby were working right beside them on the tractor and I went and jumped in the other tractor and went and raked hay. Should I mention I ran the other tractor out of hydraulic fluid? There was a line that busted… #fail! Luckily it happened right as I finished up my last row to rake so I parked the tractor and went back to the girls.

Abug got cold so Tbug was taking her in the house to dry them all off and then Abug went down for a nap.